New maid

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You woke up on a bed. You sat up and rubbed your eyes. You looked around and notice an empty shot laying on the table. You picked up and looked at it. "I see you're awake!~" you jumped making you drop the shot. You looked at the doorway to find a purple man standing there.

He walked over and sat next to you. "Oh! How rude of me! My name is Vincent, What is your name?~" he held his hand out as you took it. "(Y-Y/N)" you shook his hand as he let go. "Nice to meet you (Y/N)." you signed "Where am i?" you questioned "You're at my mansion, but what i would say is your home." you froze and stayed still.

You looked to him "H-Home?" he nodded and smiled. "M-Mansion?!" he nodded again. You thought about something that you alway seen in movie, who ever lived in mansions, there is a master and maids. You looked at him as he stopped humming and looked at you. Your eye twitched and you stood up. "Im s-sorry but i cant stay here. I already have a home." Vincent chuckled a little and shook his head. "That no more." he glared at you a little. "You're going to live here!"

You shook your head and ran out. Vincent growled and ran after you. As you where run a door open making you screech to a stop. A man in a tuxedo with head looked at you. You looked behind you as Vincent ran at you. You ran away and slide down the stair rail. You landed and ran to the front door. You pulled at the handle. You heard yelling and looked behind you seeing Vincent and the phone man. "GET HER!!!" Vincent yelled out as the phone head sledded down the rail making you ran to the right. You ran down a hall wall. As you ran something weird happened, you got tripped by something. You looked down to find a tail move and you stood up and look behind you. "Oh Jesus!" A yell came from down the hall so you ran into a room. You looked around finding a dresser. You poked at it and you fell down. You looked around and ran to a mirror. Your 'cat' ears went down as you found out you turned to a cat.

Your memory ran as you remember the shot. The door opened as you jumped and hind behind the dresser. The light flicked on and you heard sniffing? The dresser moved as a dog looked at you. You hissed and scratched his nose run out. The dog wined a little and ran after you. You ran up the stairs and into the same room you woke up in. You closed the door and turned back to your self locking the door. The dog stop at the door. After a minute a man banged on the door.

You stepped away from it and sat in the corner. Soon the banging stopped and the door raddled. You cried and cover your eyes as the rabbling noise rang in your head, give you the memories of you and your mother at the old house. The door opened as the phone head and another male but he had stitchings on his head walked over to you.

You cried and scooted away from them. The phone head man kneeled down in front of you, putting his hands on your face. You looked at him with wet (e/c) eyes and sniffed. "Its ok, i won't hurt you." he said with a happy tone. You sniffed and hugged him tightly. He was surprised but hugged back. Vincent walked in and signed. The other male walked over to him as you wrapped your legs around the phone head man. He stood up as you hanged on. He walked over to Vincent. "take her to her room." Vincent said as he walked past them. The phone head man held you as he carried you to your room. It was two doors down from Vincents. The man opened the door and turned the light on. He walked over to the bed and sat down. He looked down at you as you looked up at him. "This is your room. You will be staying here until master Vincent tells you to do something or calls for you." The phone men pulled you off him and set you on your bed. "The clothes you will now be wearing are in the closet." You nodded. "Oh, I'm sorry, my name is Phone Guy but you can call me PG or Scott." He smiled but you couldn't see it because of the phone head. You smiled and nodded. "Im
(Y/n) nice to meet you Scott!" Both of you shook hands and he walked out, turning the light off and closing the door behind him.

You signed and walked to your closet. You opened it to only find maid outfits. You growled a little and laid back down on your bed. You looked at the time. 10:15 Pm, you signed and wrapped yourself in your blankets falling asleep, Knowing going to be a rough day.

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