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From a very young age Calum knew something was wrong with him, he didn't look at boys the same way his friends did. He never had a crush on a boy like Michael (who had a different crush every week). Let's just say 10 year old Calum was very, very confused.

When he turned 11 he wished he could be like all the other boys, he wished he could be able to like boys like they do, because that's normal; and all Calum wanted was to be normal.

But when the young kid looked at girls he felt happy, he felt like picking a flower and make them smile with cheeky compliments. He never did that though, because boys liking girls is wrong. Never in his 11 years of life had he seen a boy and a girl together, can you imagine how weird that would look? Girls like girls and boys like boys, that's just how it goes.

Calum then hit the age of 14 and well, he started to understand some things and he heard some stories. Stories about straight people, guys that like girls and vice versa; he then started to think that maybe he was straight. I mean he had kissed Michael once or twice at that age but it felt wrong he didn't enjoy holding a boy's torso or a flat chest, Calum liked boobs and soft skin. But it was so wrong.

Men are only supposed to interact sexually with women to procreate, that's the only purpose. A man and a woman would get together have sexual relations in order to get the woman pregnant and they would both raise the child, not together of course. The man and a woman would have partners of the same sex, and that's how it worked. A kid would basically have two mothers, and two fathers that were in no way related. Two different families basically. It's not weird, it's normal. That's just how it works.

The stories he had heard about straight people rarely had a happy ending, some couples were had suffered of public harassment, dishonored by their families and all that, just because they loved someone of the opposite gender. Of course there were some happy endings, situations where the family understood but most of society didn't so the couples rarely can be out together.

Calum hated It all so much, when he turned 15, he would cry himself to sleep every night and whisper over and over I want to be normal I want to be normal I want to be normal but when he wakes up the next morning he looked at pictures of boys and tried to picture himself dating a boy, he would also go back and relive the feeling of Michael's lips on his and even though it was right it felt so wrong and Calum hated himself. He then would think of a beautiful girl and how good it would feel to cuddle a girl and have his head nuzzled between boobs and damn even though it was wrong it felt so fucking right. Calum would cry some more before getting out off bed and drag himself through the hell that is his life. His life was all in all perfect, both his dads were football addicts like himself and the time he spent with them was amazing he always had a blast, his mothers were the sweetest and he lived with them because they had more money and better conditions to raise him, his dads didn't mind though because they got along with the moms so it was all good and they would all spend time together. Calum had the best friends he could ask for, Michael and Luke, they were just amazing dudes and Calum was very grateful for them. So, his life wasn't that bad but there was a dark cloud around his heart 24/7 because he would never be happy, he can't be straight. He doesn't want to be straight. But fuck, Calum Thomas Hood is as straight as they come.


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