Undisclosed Desires (One)

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** Another story in which popped into my mind ; D Finished Follow In Their Footsteps so I can start this one,  I hope you like the starting because it took a while to think up what to do for it ^////^
I will shortly be putting up pics to match the characters, <.<  Actually it might be a little while considering I’m still finishing off some stories and uploading for my other boyxboy story ^///^ I don’t know why but recently I’ve been wanting to write boy/boy stories X_X I don’t know why but it’s fun and dirty at the same time ;D

Hope you like the opening chapter for this one. :T

<3 xx


Undisclosed Desires [BoyxBoy]

“…heads up!”

I grunted then lifted my head just to get a ball whacked in my face which sent me flying back off my chair, I groaned and held my nose in resilient pain which caused my eyes to water slightly, I stood up with the help of one hand while the other was clamped onto my nose. I looked to the owner of the ball, Nathan.

With a breath keeping it cool I picked up the rugby ball and threw it at him hitting him in the face and throwing him off his feet, I scowled then made my way over to him, as I towered over him he let out a giggle and his bright blue eyes shun which made the pit of my stomach tighten.

“Good throw Captain” he cried which made me flinch, what was up with this guy…?

“You bastard, watch where you throw the ball next time” I hissed through gritted teeth. He sprang to his feet and started jumping up and down then circling me.

“…Well I did say heads up, you know that means keep your head down right?” He asked tapping his chin.

I rolled my eyes.

“What is it you want Nate?” I asked pinching the top of my nose to calm down my anger, no use getting pissed off at one of my team members.

“Well Cap, we was wondering when you were thinking of coming to practise…?” he asked in his amazing English.

“I was coming now, until someone hit me in the face” I grumbled which made him gulp and turn ghostly white.

“I’m sorry” he acted like a lost kitten, he gently kicked the grass looking at anything but my eyes, for about the fifth time I rolled my eyes and flung my Gym bag over my shoulder and headed for the pitch.

“Come on Nate” I called over my shoulder, with a ‘woo’ he chased after me excited to get training once again.

I tried to not gaze at my half naked team mates as we changed; I needed to keep that side of me down in the shadows for now. Just while this first week goes by of starting after summer.

I slid on the black shorts which had red rimming’s on the side then I put on a shirt which had ‘Jaguars’ written on the back then number 1 and captain.

This was our training kits, on our actual kits it had our number and names on the back these kits are the cheap ass schools kits which they call ‘expensive’ yeah if you call buying them at the 1pound shop ‘expensive’

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