Fairy Tail's our home

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This is my first Chapter so hope you enjoy it!!
Nashi Stormed in through the guild and yelled "We're home!!!" She said with a smile and sat down in her seat.
Selene walked over to Nashi and asked "How'd the mission go?" Nashi smiled and put her hands behind her head. "It was ok... But I was looking for more worthy opponent though."she said. Selene smiled and said " That's just like you so Miss Firehead when are you going to start dating?" Nashi sat up in surprised "Why would you bring that up?" She said nervously.Selene smriked and said "Oh come on sis, your almost 18 and no boyfriend? Even Aunt Mira agrees with me." She crossed her arms playfully.Nashi rolled her eyes and said "Ya know, you don't have to rub it in."
Nashi trying to change the subject said "so when are you going to start jobs again?" Selene said "After Max gose on a journey with his dad I want to spend as much time with him as possible...." She looked at the ground,remembering she had only a few days with him.
Nashi stood up and said "Tch, that's why I don't date, because it softens you up." She then walked over to Macao to tell him about her job she went on.
Selene sighed she couldn't spend much time with Max a lot. She walked over to Erza, making sure she wasn't intruping anything.Erza said "If it has anything to do with Max,I'd ask your mother." She took a bit of her cake.Selene nodded.
Nashi was done talking to Macao and went over to the request board.Just then Happy came along in with Natsu and Lucy."Happy!!" Nashi said and opened her arms for Happy to jump into them. "Nashi!" Happy said jumping into her arms.
Selene saw her mom and pulled her into an empty infirmary. "Mom I need to talk to you." She said.
Natsu said "What are they talking about?" Nashi shrugged "Probably something about Max" she said all mockingly dreamly.She hugged Natsu while Happy was still laughing in her arms. Natsu smiled and hugged her back."Well how did your job go?" He asked Nashi. Nashi smiled and said" good, although I think I went overbroad. " Natsu laughed "That's my girl!" Just then Nashi heard Macoa's voice yelling "Nashi!!!" Nashi slowly turned around and said "yeah?" With a little nervousness in her voice. "And just how did you go overbroad?"
Selene said "I.....I don't think I can take it when Max gose on long trips with his dad."
(I would finish this but I'm hungry so see ya in the next chapter! Love you guys!!!:3)

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