Part 2

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After 8 years:

Krishna completed his studies 2 years back and started working in a software company in Mumbai. Shruthi is 21 years old and turned as a beautiful woman now. As Krishna is stable with his job, Venkat decided to get Krishna and Shruthi married. When the same was informed to Krishna, he told his father to fix the marriage date immediately.

Venkat made arrangements for their marriage as their family doesn't have any close relatives much other than Karuna, Shruthi's maasi and few friends of Venkat in that town. Krishna informed his father that he will come two days before the marriage as he has some important meetings in office.

"Shruthi beta, bring water to Krishna" called Venkat from the living room.

Krishna was eagerly waiting to see Shruthi after 8 years. Last time he saw her was when he came home hearing his mother death news. At that time, there were not in a situation to talk they just saw each other. After funeral and other necessary works, Krishna went back to Mumbai.

"Here, have this" a glass appeared infront of Krishna which made him look up. He was mesmerized to see her after so many years. In these years he didn't even saw her in photos, after Jyoti's death nobody was there to send him her photos but whenever he visited home during holidays he left some of his recent photos for her to see when she comes back from her maasi's home.

"Thanks, biwi " Krishna told her while taking the glass from her hands intentionally touching her hand.

She shyly nodded her head and went back to kitchen. After having a chit chat with his father he went back to his room. While talking to his father he observed that Shruthi was hiding behind the curtain near the kitchen and was looking at him.

After having a bath, he went to living room and saw that it was empty and then went to kitchen to get a glimpse of his biwi and found her busy doing something. He slowly went in without making any noise encircled his arms around her waist and twirled her around.

"Arghhh" Shruthi started screaming.

"It's me biwi" told Krishna to calm her.

"Kittu, leave me. What are you doing here?" Krishna stopped twirling her and turned her so that they can face each other.

He didn't reply to her question. He just cupped her face in between his hands and started closing distance between them. Seeing this, Shruthi widened her eyes and thought about the kiss he gave to her few years back. She got scared and immediately pushing him aside she ran out of the kitchen. Krishna stood there shocked seeing her running away.

At night, after having dinner every one retired to their rooms and Shruthi after completing her chores went to her room. She entered her room and after latching the bolt she turned and saw Krishna who was lying lazily on bed. She turned back to open the door but before she could open; Krishna was on her side in a swift movement and pinned her to the wall.

"Tsh, tsh, bad move biwi. Why did you run away in the afternoon ? and why are you trying to escape now?" asked Krishna smirking.


"Ok leave it. You will get punishment for this later. Now tell me last time when i came home 6 months back i wrote my mobile number in a paper and kept it in your cupboard. Why didn't you call me?"

"I don't have mobile na, that's why. I was shy to ask papa for his mobile."

"Who told you to call from dad's mobile? You could have called me from Telephone booth right?"

"I was scared that papa might find out if i call you. So i didn't call you"

"hmmm..." hummed Krishna bending his head close to her face and she started to push him back.

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