Chapter Fourteen

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"Remford wants a proper launch party so I think we need an official name" I tell Melanie and she bites her lip. "I have no idea. You know we postponed this because we couldn't come up with anything we were both 100% with." I sigh, nodding. "I know. But there's no way around it now. We've got our cover photo, we've got our website, a space for meetings that we're opening at the party ... we need the name badly, actually more than anything else." She nods. "I know. So far we've stuck with our first letters. Maybe we can play with that a little?" I suggest. "MB or BM?" "Depends on what else we can do with those. I don't think we want to be blunt and put 'bullying' or something like that in the name because that's not our main focus" I say. Melanie agrees. "You're right." "How about something that creates hope, maybe 'Make Believe', heard that in a song once." "Doesn't that sound too religious? That's not what we're about either." "No, not belief as in what your belief is but to believe something. We're not creating an illusion but a distraction and something to help you with, something to believe in. And that can be religious but it doesn't necessarily have to be." "I like that. It's abstract enough not to sound weird but specific enough to make sense with what we stand for."

On my way home, I call Mr. Remford to tell him about our choice for a name. He's overly enthusiastic, as always and that increases my belief that he's only trying to make a ton of money and sees the name helping benefit that. But our priority are the kids who rely on us so I have to keep that in mind and not question Mr. Remford's intentions with my idea for now. He gives me the details for the event and I send them forward to Oli so he can make time as well. Mr. Remford is throwing around things like 'celebrity guests' or 'red carpet' but I honestly don't believe it.

Having noted the event's place and time, Oli asks me if I want to hang out so I tell him to pick me up at my place later so I can do some shopping and eat with Daley before leaving again to hang out with Oli. Pretty straight up, he told me that he wants to get to know me better because he thinks I'm interesting, especially having put together an anti-bullying organisation with a 15-year-old in my lunch break at school. And I can't say that I don't find him interesting, it's like there's something in his brain that has shifted and now makes his thoughts run differently than everyone else's. Which is fine, I just enjoy watching that.

He knocks on the door and I told him to reunite with Daley first before we leave, maybe ask him if he wants to come along. "Long time, no see, man" Daley greets him as soon as he's through the door. "Greetings" Oli smiles and they shake hands like old pals. "Let me just clean up and you guys can talk for a bit, Daley, do you wanna come too?" "Where are you guys going?" "I am making your roommate go to this gallery a mate of mine has." "You're not making me do anything" I laugh. "I'm genuinely interested." "Me too, that sounds cool. Sure it's okay?" Daleys says. Me and Oli both nod. "I'd highly suggest pants though" I note and Daley pulls a stupid face at me before retreating to his room. "That's what he was always like at uni" Oli explains. "I've got no trouble believing that" I grin and put down the towel, then putting on my shoes and jacket. "Ready to go" I announce and Daley comes back out of his room. "Same here." "Are we taking the bus?" Oli nods. "Yeah, it's not too far."

We make it to the gallery and there's free champagne which I can't say no to, earning sceptical stares from both Oli and Daley. I forgot my policy of not doing anything with Daley and a friend of his but I guess right now I have more to do with Oli than Daley does. They seem to have a lot of catching up to do though so I make my way through the little exhibition by myself.

Right as I finish my glass, I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I sigh and fish it out, seeing Remford's number and name popping up on the screen. I slide to accept the call and hold the phone up to my ear. "Nicholls?" "Miss Nicholls, how do you feel about going for dinner with me tomorrow night so we can discuss all the details about the launching event?" He sounds kind of formal which confuses me a little. Daley and Oli come around the corner and I hold my finger up in front of my lips, then mouthing "Remford". "Um ... sure but I also could just come to your office, save you the trouble and the dinner." "Oh, it wouldn't be any trouble." "Are you sure, Mr. Remford?" "Please, call me Mason." "Alright. Are you sure, Mason?" He laughs. So does Oli. "Yes, I'm sure. And it's on me of course. But if you don't want to..." "No, I mean, if that's what you want..." I stutter, wondering where my voice has gone and why I'm denying free dinner just to make our investor happy. "Great. You can message me your address and I'll pick you up, okay?" "Sounds good, Mr. Re-... Mason." He laughs again. "I look forward to it." "Me too?" I say but it sounds more like a question than reassurance.

"What's up?" Oli asks once I've hung up. "I think Mr. Remford just asked me out on a date. Me." "Bev, this again?" Daley asks, ignoring what happened and focusing on my self-critisism only. "I just thought he was really shallow, there's gotta be a catch." "Didn't you say he was like super hot?" Daleys asks, raising one eyebrow. I smirk. "Yes, he is." "There we go! If that's a date, I don't see why you're being so pessimistic, Bev." "I just don't see him digging all this" I laugh, pointing at myself. At this point, Daley knows I'm being realistic and not insulting myself. "Just go with it." "Yeah, baby girl, go with the flow" Oli smirks, running his fingers through his hair. I sigh. "We'll see."

Oli, who's been looking at Daley from the side, suddenly moves closer to his face. "Bro, are you wearing make-up?" he asks. Daley takes a step away and stares back at Oli. "Yeah, problem?" Oli holds up his hands in self-defense. "No, no, I was just wondering, no judgment." Daley raises his eyebrows, brushing his hair back with his fingers. "Alright..." "He also does my make-up every now and then, when I gotta look fancy" I grin. "So I should probably do it tomorrow night, huh?" Daley counters. I turn and walk away from Daley, hearing his laughter behind me. "Beverly, come back here." I turn around and stick my tongue out at him. Oli jogs after me and catches up, dragging Daley after him. "How about you end this little brother and sister game and we go for some dinner?" he suggests and me and Daley can both not turn down food.

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