Together again.

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Ashleys p.o.v

Walking through this forest again is scary. Chris said he'd meet me here, at the top of the cable car, but I can't see him. I don't like being here alone. It's terrifying.
"Ashley!" I hear. I turn around to see Mike with a snowball in his hand.
"Hey Mike, what are you doing with that snowball?" I ask, trying to stall so he wouldn't throw it at me.
"This!" He says, throwing the snowball. Luckily I ducked quick enough to avoid getting hit. Suddenly Mikes smile turned into a frown. He sat down at a picnic bench.
"Hey guys. The party has just arrived." Chris says as him and Sam walk towards us. Mike stands up and walks towards Chris. I walk over to Sam.
"Hey ashley." she says smiling.
"Hey Sam. It's weird being up here again." I say, shivering. Sam sees this and signals the boys over.
"The news team have built a cabin but it's fully protected. We should be safe there. And the camera crew should be here tomorrow. " she says. We are only up here so that some news channel can make a documentary about the events of the past. Our lives are in risk up here. So are theirs.
"Let's go then. I'm freezing." Chris replies. I still like Chris. And I still remember when he told me he liked me. Neither of us have acted on it yet.
"So, Chris," Mike starts as we walk forward. "How's the love life. Anyone new?" Chris looks at Mike awkwardly and then looks to me. He smiles at me and turns back to Mike.
"No, not yet." Chris replies. Mike just laughs.
"What about you Mike?" Sam asks. Ever since josh's betrayal, and Jessica's death, Mike and Sam have been pretty close.

"Umm, well, I met a girl, but she wasn't my type. Actually, Chris you should meet her. Her name is (Y/N), she's your type." He says. My heart sinks. "But, she disappeared without a trace." He finished. He looked down at his feet. I felt bad for him, this girl must have been close to him.
"Was she a close friend?" I ask. He nods.
"Yeah, she helped me through a lot." Sam grabs my hand and pulls me behind the rest. This is her saying she needs to talk.
"Ash, I'm really scared. I heard a scream while you were all talking and a screech. " she says. I can see how scared she is. Mike and Chris realise that she's shaking, from fear, and they walk to us. I explained how are heard a scream.
"Sam, you are hearing things." Mike says.
"What if it's Jessica." Sam says. I see Mikes eyes widen. "she was never found, do you think it could be her?"
"There's no way. What would she have done for food?" Chris asks. Mike looks at me and I can see the hope in his eyes.
"Deer. Birds. Squirrels. Berries." I say.
"I'm going to check." Mike says.
"Not alone. We're all going together." Chris says.
"Wait guys. The wendigos can imitate sound. What if it's one of them?" I ask.
"We will just have to risk it. For Jessica."

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