I'm IN Love With My Dad (Chris Brown Love Story)

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Aleia Brown

Hey yall its Aleia Brown yes Chris Brown's daughter and I'm going to tell yall about me!

Name: Aleia Jewell Brown (that's my real first and middle name)

Age: 17

Personality: sweet,funny,cute,swagged out,lovely,fly,and kind

Job: singer,dancer,actress

Bio: Wassup yall its ya girl Aleia, I am Chris Brown's daughter and don't tell him but I am IN love with him not like a crush I really do love my dad more than a father. But he has a gf named Rihanna and she absolutely hates me and I don't like her either. I mean she does stuff to me like hit me everytime she sees me and she gets her lil daughter named Star to beat me and when my dad comes in the room Rihanna always mouthes to me u tell him I will make u regret it. And I have tried telling him but he doesn't pay attention me. I-I gotta go Rihanna is calling me.