Gabby pov

I decided on what to wear tonight to matt’s parent house but for some reason I had a bad feeling.

First of all I knew Kayla was going to be there with her parents. I also knew that Kayla and matt were supposed to be engage.

Matt never really talked about his parents to me though, I didn’t know why but I had a feeling I was going to find out.

 I was wearing a black medium length dress with slit flutter sleeves, a drape neck, and gorgeous cascading ruffles down one side.

The shoes I decided to wear were my new  black Sleeve Solid Shirt  vamp with snake printed accents. Double ankles straps, flat sole and 4 1/2 inch heel perfect for the dress with a Black Tear Drop Crystal Cluster Bridal Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set.

I had to make matt dress in his room while I dressed in mine because I didn’t want him to see me before I was all done.

I was sitting on my bed when I heard a knock on the door.

I knew it was matt so I decided to open the door. Matt had a Straight Welder Jean on with some  Long Sleeve Solid Shirt and boy-oh-boy did he look fine.

‘’ hey baby you look fine’’ said matt looking at me up and down making me blush.

‘’ you look good too’’ I said looking at him one more time.

Before I knew it I was on the bed with matt’s t-shirt off and his hand under my dress.

I knew we had to stop because we were going to be late to matt parent house.

‘’ baby we need to stop’’ I said trying to push matt off me.

‘’ why?’’ asked matt looking at me confusedly.

‘’ well we will be late for your parents’ house’’ I replied trying to knock some common sense into him.

I was sure we were late. After our make out or like what matt called it ‘’ hot session’’ which took us like thirty minutes, matt took almost fifteen minutes choosing which of his car he should drive, because he had like twenty of them.

Finally he decided to go with ‘beast’ his black sport car with dark yellow stripe on it.

I got to admit he looked hot riding the car. The ride to matt’s parent house was mostly silent. I was freaking out while I saw that matt had a frown on his face.

Wow was all I could say matt’s parents’ house was a like a castle it had those security thing that you have to talk to before going into the house. It was like the white house only a little smaller.

AS we got out of the car matt held my hand in his hand fiercely making me nervous as if something unpleasant was about to happen.

Matt pushed open the big door and I saw Kayla with a man in a suit that looked like her dad and a woman in a long white dress who was like an aged version of Kayla.

I also saw a laughing woman who looked like matt mom with a man behind her looking like matt’s dad.

It seems like everyone was having a good time but when they turned and looked at matt they smile but when their eyes finally landed on me they started frowning and scowling.

Matt led me to a couch which he sat down in making me seat next to him.

‘’ hey’’ said matt with a blank expression on his face.

‘’ can I talk to you privately honey’’ said matt’s mother leading in away from the living room.


‘’ hey’’ I said smiling at everyone else in the room, but no one replied back they just kept glancing at me making me feel uncomftorble.

Finally Kayla decided to address to me asking me in a bitchy voice ‘’ what the hell are you doing here’’.

I didn’t reply to her trying to keep all my frustration in my head.

After a while matt came back into the room looking really pissed off and his mom looking just as mad. I didn’t know what happened but I knew it was something about  me.

Everyone ignored me through the whole time except matt until when it was time to eat.

Matt dad sat at the head of the table looking pretty grumpy, while his mom sat at the other end. 

Kayla parents sat at one side of the table, while matt sat at the other side between me and Kayla.

‘’ so matt who is this thing your bringing to my houses’’ asked matt father I noticed him calling me a thing but I just let it go.

;; well father this is my secretary and girlfriend and I would appreciate it if you addressed her by her name Gabriella instead of a it’’ said matt clearly angry.

‘’ well you can’t blame us honey from what we know you are engaged to Kayla not this……monkey’’ replied matt’s mom making everyone else at the table nod their head except for matt.

‘’Excuse me ‘’ I say no longer being able to hold all of my anger in.

‘’ oh she speaks’’ said matt’s mother who was starting to get on my nerve.

‘’ what the he…’’ and before I could finish that sentence matt pulled me back on the chair and started giving a speech on his own.


‘’ mom, dad I will not marry or even be engage to Kayla for the simple fact that she is a bitch and I don’t like a one hundred percent fake girl if I needed that I would go buy a barby doll, second of all this id gabby who I love and who I hope one day will be my wife, so stop treating her like shit and get over the fact that she has a different skin of color I do not like racism.’’  Yelled matt angrily at his parents.

‘’ honey don’t be mad and anyway just look at her she is a gold digger, she is trash and nothing more. I don’t even see what you see in her, she is black and forbidden from my house, now tell her to leave’’ stated matt’s mom angrily.

Even though I didn’t plan for this to happen I was over the fact that I was being treated as trash so I got off my chair yelling ‘’ screw you’’ to everyone at the dinner table and walked outside with an angry matt behind me.

The whole ride back to the house was really awkward. Matt kept asking me if I was okay and I just kept nodding my head, feeling like if I talked I would start crying.


When we got home or precisely to matt house I took my clothes off and got into matt’s bed turning my body do that I was facing the door, I felt matt get behind me only in his boxers wrapping his arms around my waist and telling  that everything was going to be fine.


In a way I knew that everything was not going to be fine but I was so tired that sleep took over me without a battle.





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