'Twas the first day of Advent........

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'Twas the first day of Advent when my brother Joseph was born. 1st December 1998, exactly 13 years ago. I will never forget that month, or the months after that, it was very eventful. 

I was three years old and very hyper-active. I never sat still and always wanted to be running. We soon found out why. i had too much sigar in my body, the opposite of a diabetic. Anyway, it turned out that Josep had this problem too. So we were not allowed chocolate or sweets and got fruit at Easter (i know, it's sad). We had to do lots of sport to get rid of our energy.

Back to 1998, Joseph was born at 12 noon on December 1st (i didn't know that I was getting a little brother, I just thought Mum was getting fat and lazy). 

When Joseph was born, i didn't know what to do. He got all the attention that I was used too. I loved being an only child. I got all the attention I wanted. Everytime we went shopping, Mum would ask "Cari, what would you like to buy today?" But that was all over.I was devastated. Joseph's first Christmas was a big celebration for everyone. But not me. I hated my brother at first, but soon, I started to realise that there was a special reason why he got all the attention. As well as having too much blood sugar, Joseph had down syndrome. I didn't know until he was two and I was almost six years old. "Why does Joseph talk and look different?" I asked Mum one day.

"Because he is special" She replied, smiling.

"But why is he special and not me?" I moaned.

"Everyone is special in their own way" When I looked confused, Mum explained. "You are different to evryone else. That makes you special."

As a five year old, this made no sense to me. I did, however, know that Joseph wasn't a normal two year old. I as determined to find out why.

I did find out. Two years later, when I could actually understand. Age 4, Joseph had started school. Not my school though, a special one. 'Helping Disabled Kids' was the foundation running Barmol Special Needs School, where Joseph went. On 1st December 2003 (Joseph's fifth birthday), we moved house. But not too far. We had to stay near Joseph's school. Unfortunatley, it was too far from my primary school. Again, it was all about Joseph. I started to hate him again. I knew it wasn't his fault but still, I couldn't help getting annoyed.

Chapter two will be coming soon. Hope you like it so far :)

BTW: This story is not true. I made it up.

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