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Aaron's Parents!

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~Aaron's POV~

"BEEP BEEP BEEP" my alarm woke me up. I had slept round Em's because we were going to Middletown to see my parents, we thought it would be easier to stay together so we could just leave.

"Hey babe wake up!" I said waking Emily up. "mmmhhh one more minute!" she mumbled. "come on Em wake up!" she wouldn't wake up! she was ignoring me! "fine, I will have to pour cold water on top of you to wake up?" I teased. she instantly woke up and gave me a puppy dog face, like Puss in Boots when he was told off, the eyes that he did.

I kissed her and laughed! "your mean to me!" she chuckled. "but I love you!" I kissed her again. god I love her! "let's go then and see your parents!" she said grabbing my hand and getting some breakfast.

we quickly got changed it was 10:00am we would get there roughly about 11:30am. I was gonna drive us there. Em got in the car, she sighed. "you alright honey?" she looked at me, with a worried expression. "Yeah just a little nervous that's all!" she said. "Em don't be worried my parents are gonna love you just as much as I love you. well maybe not." her head sunk and her smile fell. I quickly said "only because I love you way more than anyone ever could" she sighed a sigh of relief "I love you to my cuddley Aar Bear!' I then planted my lips on hers, she broke away "let's go!" she said.

"you can plug in your phone and put music on if you want to?" I asked her. she got out her iPhone and plugged it in the radio. "what song?" she asked me. "don't mind!" I said. "uhh.... I know !" she exclaimed. the music started to play. then Emily sang. "Frank why me? I am just ordinary" I sang along. "Ordinary is beautiful, I need Paris, I don't need a fancy restaurant, who huge orchestras, just some settle orchestrations" we were singing beautifully together. it was nearly the end of the song. I changed the words a bit! "Emily, I don't wanna be a doctor forever, I want to make a home, with you. I been a lot of places, but I learned now near and farrrrrrr. there's no need to roam cuz home is where is you are." then she sang " there's no need to roam cuz home is where is you are." then we sang. "yes now I know that home is where you areeeee" we quickly kissed. "Em I was just wondering whether you wanted to move in my apartment or I move to live with you?" she smiled. "I would love to live with you Aaron" she said still smiling!

1hr and 24mins later........

~Emily's POV~

sooo me and Aaron had decided he would move into my house when we get back from his parents house. oh I love him. "Aaron" I said just waking up. "Hey sleepy head, we are nearly there just 5 minutes!" he said rubbing my thigh. oh I am so scared and nervous.

we soon arrived, as I was helping Aaron bring the bags to the house, I saw a women, that was Aaron's mom. "Oh Aaron your here!" she said, coming to us. followed behind her was 2 men, another woman and 3 hyper kids. "Oh and you must be Emily!" Aaron's mom said and pulled me in for a hug! "Yeah I am. It's nice to finally meet you Mrs's and Mr Tveit." I said shaking Aaron's dad hand. "Call us Poise and Stanley hunny, we are practically family!" I chuckled "Oh your the famous Emily, that Aaron always talks about! I am Jon" he gave me a hug. "hey i am Melody, but call me Milly!!" she Is Jon's wife, they had three kids called, Alfie, Poppy and Jack. Poppy was the oldest she was 10, then it was Alfie who was 9 and then it was Jack who is 4. they all have me a hug. "Your pretty!" Alfie said to me. we all laughed. "Why thank you!" I said smiling. "oi you, she is mine" Aaron said wrapping his arms around my waist. Alfie sighed. Everyone laughed at him as he blushed. Awww a 9 old has a crush on me! "Mom where are we sleeping??" Aaron asked. "Second spare room!!" she answered. Aaron led me to the room and we started to unpack, we are only gonna be here for a few days :(

"Alfie seems to really like you! so does Poppy! all my family does" Aaron said teasing but was serious about his family liking me! "They are cute!" Aaron kissed me. "God I love you Em" he said as I pulled him in for another kiss. I can already tell this is gonna be the best vacation ever!!

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