Lili ran away. She didn’t care where she ran, just as long as she got away from him.

“Get back here you little whench!”

She kept running. She ran into the forest and hid behind a tree. It seemed that her dad had stopped chasing her, because Lili heard him walk away from where she was hidden. Lili sunk down to the ground and started sobbing into her hands. It started to rain, but she didn’t care.

She stopped crying after god knows when, and wiped her wet hands on her tattered dress. She felt something weighing down her pocket. She reached in her pocket and pulled out a knife. She looked down at her arms.

Seven scars on her right…only six on her left…’

“Hey…look…it’s uneven…” Lili mumbled.

She lifted the knife up to some exposed skin on her left arm and slowly swiped it down, creating a large cut.

Lili groaned.

She didn’t know why she was still putting up with this.

She lifted her head up and stared longingly at the town ahead of her.

I could start over…no…it wouldn’t take the pain away…’

Lili looked down at the knife again. She brought it up to her chest.

“No.” She said firmly.

I can’t just leave Scarlett…and Bunnymund…and…Brayden…I need to be brave for him…’

She dropped the knife and stood up.

I have to go back.’

She turned around and started walking towards her house.

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