Dear Diary of Mine... [My public Diary] May 12, 2010

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Dear Diary of Mine... [My public Diary]  

May 12, 2010



Dear Diary, 


Okay, so wow! Has time flown or what?! Anyways, i can't believe how time has flown, have I told you about my old crush? Anyways, I should have, sorry, it's you know...haha, not saying names, nah, yes I will, his name is Drew, I so am over him though, it lasted for like three weeks, it was wrong anyways, he made me feel things I shouldn't, Ugh! Anyways, I'm being bipolar lately; I've noticed by the alteration on my mood swings, it's horrible! I often feel really depressed and seem to get away from my friends, they've gotten used to it, so I usually go to my special corner, and calm down, I don't like being controlled, does depend >:)

Haha, one thing, I'm a little bit more on the bad thought; it's not that I'm a pervert or anything, hell no! No way! I'm just meaning that now anything will make me laugh, or I'd find another meaning to things and burst into laughter for the thing I just discovered, lolz!

Um, what else...schools over, so that means I'll start writing, um, I have no Internet at the moment, so I'll just write the stuff and have them pending for publish-ment, um, I've been a bit on twitter, well before my no red access, yeah, and I was writing this story, haha, it's a fan type of story, it's about Justin Bieber, maybe I'll post it here, too, I don't know, they are short, well because its supposed to, and blah!

Hehe, well today we only went to school to do some cleaning of the mess we created during the year, haha, we even had to wash the walls, they sure needed the cleaning, and they were completely filthy!

Anyways, moving along, after all of that, I kind of felt disappointed and scared, anyways, one of the guys was so trying to make me kiss me, I so wasn't in the mood to fool around, like I would!

Um, listening to my favorite playlist, I miss my phone; I've heard from sources, that I might get a new phone this summer! Yaw, because I despise the one I have at the moment, Urgh!, so, I guess that's all I have to say, oh, and remember Mary, yeah, well we're not that good of friends at the moment, not that I'm saying we're not friends anymore, just not BFF's anymore, and, no, I don't want to talk about it; Hey! I just remembered I didn't tell you about my trip to Copan! It was awesome! Haha, three days are so short, I actually wanted to stay for more time, but I only brought enough for like almost four days, but whatevs :/

Um, I guess that's all, I am completely clueless, I'm like a butterfly lunatic, haha, just kidding, um, toodles, lots of love sent your way :)


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