There's some foreshadowing. (sorta) You guy better thank me I was going to leave you guys with a cliff hanger but I was feeling nice :) -Issy


I woke up the next morning at 11. It was a very long night. After we all went tubing we had a bonfire with our families. The parents were aquainted with each other and were friendly. Jassie was playing with Ella who is Zack's little sister. We roasted marshmallows and had smore's. It was yummiful. After we had smore's everyone made up a story. Some were scary,funny,romantic,and plain silly. Last night was so much fun.

Today I have nothing to do. My parents went to their friends' house to catch up, Jassie has a play date with Ella and other little kids, and my friends are busy with their families. That leaves me all alone with nothing to do.  

I got out of bed and went to take a shower. I got out and wore a bikini under a floral dress. I think I might go to the pool or the beach. I went downstairs and it was quiet. Everyone already left and there was a note on the counter.

Hey Kayl,

We didn't want to wake you since it's summer and I know you want to sleep in sweetie. Anyways

Your father and I won't be home till six so, there's food in the fridge. If you don't like any of it there's 

money in the top right drawer or you can cook food for yourself, just don't burn the house down.

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Home alone till six. I'd be estatic about this if my friend weren't busy. I guess I'll go to the beach and swim.

 After I decided what to do today, I cooked myself breakfast.  Yummy eggs and chocolate chip pancakes. I didn't want to go to the beach just yet since I wanted to digest my food. I went on my computer and went on facebook to check on Cameron,Jessie,Trish, and Todd.

 Trish was still drooling over the guys there and got me a shirt with an eiffel tower and I thanked her. I love the eiffel tower it's so pretty, before I die  I will go there. Todd was still chillin by the pool and hitting on girls. Cameron and Jessie are officially together. My presence make couples!! Cameron and Jessie and now Zack and Mandy. If only I could do that to myself . I told Cameron that if he hurts Jessie I will make sure he never had kids. I was happy for them because they made such a cute couple and they got along pretty well.

 I spent an hour talking to Todd since he was the only one online. Todd's mom wanted him to get some grocery so that ended our conversation.

I got my beach bag and my phone and sunglasses and went to the beach. 

It was a nice hot sunny day except there weren't many people on the beach. I took that too my advantage because I hate being in a crowded area, im not claustrophobic or anything but I just don't like it. I laid my towel on the sand and sat on it. I put sun tan lotion on and began to tan. I put my earphones in and "Bring me to Life" by Evanesence played. 

Wake me up inside, call my name and save me from the dark                                                                     Bid my blood to run, save me from the nothing I've become

That's my favorite line from the song.

 I switched side and laid on my stomach. I looked up and gaze around. Kid's were making sandcastles, guys flirting with girls, people looking for shells, people burrying someone in the sand, and a guy looking at me. Wait what?! I looked back at him and he was looking at me. This gorgeous guy was looking at me! I felt my cheeks burning. I got up and went into the ocean to hide my embarassment. As you can tell I'm not good with guys looking at me especially hot one, it makes me uncomfortable and nervous.

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