As soon as I finished taping the last box, I stood up and sighed dramatically. All done.

"Vroooom. Vrooom. Watch out TayTay!"

I looked down and laughed at my adorable siblings.

Alex and Lexi looked up and smiled at me. They were panting slightly from running around so much.

"AAAHHH NOOOO, I've been hit. I've been hiiitt!", I yelled dramatically and fell on the floor.

Both of them gasped and looked at each other in fear before scrambling away from me and running towards Alex's room giggling like crazy.

"Oh no you don't! I'm gonna catch you and tickle you so much that you're going to be begging for mercy!", I yelled before running after them and into Alex's room. Slowly I looked around the blue room and all its boxes trying to locate my little munchkins. I heard a giggle to my left and someone's "shhhh".

"I wonder where those little munchkins are hiding, I hope they know they're no match for tickle monster!"

I then swinged open the closet door and quickly grabbed both of them before they could try to run away. One in each arm. "Gotcha!" I cheered in victory.

I then threw them on the mattress (as gently as I could) and tickled them until they had tears of laughter running down their faces.

"Stop! Please! Mercy! Mercyyy!", Lexi shrieked.

"Yeah! What she said!!", screamed Alex.

I decided to let them go because 1) they said mercy, and 2) their tomato faces were starting to worry me a little.

They both sat up grinning, still looking like tomatoes. And I couldn't help but smile back. My twin siblings were so cute. Their names are Alexandra, and Alexander. Yes, I know what your thinking. My mom thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world. So just to make life easier on everyone we made Alexandra into Lexi and as for Alexander, I'm pretty sure you can tell that we just took the Alex part and made it his nickname.

Lexi's hair was less blonder than Alex's but both of their hair would be considered dirty blond. We all naturally had a pretty fair complexion, but at the moment with summer still in season, we were all pretty tan, with a couple of freckles here and there. And honestly, I was quite proud of my tan. All year round I'm like a freakin' ghost but as soon as summer comes around I took my siblings for as many trips as possible to the pool, beach, playground, and other fun places.

I want them to remember their childhood as one with as much fun as possible and also to have the greatest summer they could ever have when school was off.

Sadly, school starts in about three weeks which means WAY less fun and more business.

And because of that I had to put together this:

My rest of summer to do list----
-Move into new apartment with success
-Complete all paperwork regarding the move
-Go shopping for school supplies and clothes for the kids and I
-Complete my summer homework
- Help kids complete their summer homework
- Take kids on one last summer adventure to end summer with a bang
- But most importantly, schedule as many late night fights as I can possibly get. I need to have as much money as possible before schools starts because when that happens I probably can only fit in 0-3 fights the most in a week

....... How exciting (please note the sarcasm).

Well I guess since I'm sitting here with the kids already I might as well let them know what's up.

"Hey kids"

"Yea?", they replied  simultaneously.

I smiled slightly.

"So this is what's gonna happen. Right now it's 9:00am and the moving trucks are going to be here at 12:00pm. When they come we are going to watch them and make sure they put all of our boxes in their trucks. Then we all are going to go into one of the trucks and they are going to drive us and all of our stuff to our new apartment. Do you guys understand?"

If your wondering why I'm explaining this to them is because as a kid I hated not knowing what was going on so whenever I planned to do something I always made sure to sit them down and explain it to them.

"Are we ever going to come back here?", asked Lexi.

My heart clenched slightly, knowing where this might lead to.

"Most likely not. This house doesn't belong to us anymore. What does belong to us is the new apartment you guys are going to see later today."

"Okay. Is Mommy going to be coming with us?", Alex asked innocently.

For a second I couldn't breathe and the room started spinning... BE STRONG... You HAVE to be strong. At least for them. They're your world now. I took a deep breath and gently said, "Remember I told you, Mommy is in a better place right now and she wants us to be strong; she wants us to grow up and be the best people we could ever be."

"She's dead Ali, remember the funeral? But it's okay because if Mommy is in a better place and she is happy then I'm happy too", Lexi stated.

I looked at her shocked. I still can't believe how blunt and mature she can be.

Alex nodded his head and said with a shaky voice, "I know Lexi but sometimes I miss her so much.... But If Mommy is happy then I'm happy."

I could never believe the maturity these two posses. It breaks my heart to see them like this, but the important thing is that they remember to be happy.

When I looked at their faces again their lips were quivering slightly. I wanted so badly to make this better, to bring back Mom, to make us the most happiest family we could ever be. But at least now we would be the strongest and the happiest.

I pulled them both to me in a tight hug.

"Who wants to go out for ice cream?" I whispered.

Instantly, their faces lit up and they started squealing and jumping up and down.

I chuckled and said, "I'll take that as a yes."

I grabbed my keys and wallet and we were on our way.

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