chapter 14

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He said be ready at 7pm.

We drove at his parents house last night i been here.

We get inside the house and i was scared i didn't know its not only there parents but maybe the entire clan.

The world stop when we they saw us coming,  all eyes was on me.

I stop walking and he notice it.

He hold my hands And look at me directly

"Im here dnt worry"

I nod and start walking again

I feel he hold my hand tight.

As we get in the center of the crowd

He start to talk.

"Everyone i would like you to meet my wife Dr Kathrina Reyes Vegas"

And every one start to hug me and saying they are happy to meet me.

When someone ask why now,
why now they know me.

He smile and say

" i let her grow and be want she want "

And every one agreed.

He was touching and sweet like he really on me, really love me.

He is a great actor.

We went home

Silence is killing

As we walk to pass to his room at the front of this door

he stop and look at me.

he start kissing me i can taste the wine with his mouth.

I was intoxicating the way he kiss me

He touch me

We are so near

I can feel his warm body

He lay me down to his body and start to undress me without removing his lips to me.

He caress me And touch every single part of me.

My soul wanted him so badly.

I scream as i feel the pleasure from him

Our moan is only music you will hear

He take me many times and i can feel in full inside.

Looking at him now gently sleeping his arms around me makes me more scared
How can i managed now to live without him that now i prove myself i didn't stop loving him and he is love of my life.

For 10 years i dream of this happened.

I close my eyes and pray.

If God take me aways He can do it right now because i want to die in his arms.

you're mine,always and forever.. (Complete story )Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!