Chapter 1: Back to Japan-Emi's 1st Day!

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{Kaoru's POV}

It was finally our special day. My brother and I were finally going to be 13, and we were going to celebrate it with her. All three of us together. Just like it's always been, from the very beginning.

She already told us what we were going to wear so that we could match, and what we were going to say when we greeted people who arrived, and how all of us would be able to open the presents, even though she wasn't getting any.

All of us together.

"Hey, Kaoru. The party's about to begin. People are starting to arrive now, let's go downstairs." said Hikaru nudging me to get away from the window.

I was looking out to see where she was. She told us she'd be here hours earlier so we could play before we had to act polite and mature like our parents wanted us to, but the party was about to begin and she wasn't anywhere I could see.

I sighed. "She said she'd be here." I said softly, trying to hide the fact I was upset our best friend hadn't arrived yet. Hikaru looked at me and hugged me. "Don't worry, she's probably just hiding from us! She always does that, and it's our birthday so her hiding place must be really special. Let's go find her after we say hi to everybody!" he says excitedly tugging at my shirt.

"Okay, okay. Let's go," I say finally cheering up, at the thought of her being here to keep us company.

When we walked down the stairs to the front porch where we greeted everybody who was walking in, I thought of the only place she could be hiding.

The tree house. The one we had built so that nobody would bother us. Normally she would hide a lot better but she's probably making it easy since it's our birthday and Hikaru looses his patience fast.

I stand there saying hi to people I've never seen before, until Hikaru tells me we can go get her now. I smile and we both run out to the backyard, thinking the same thing. In the very back corner of our big backyard is where our tree house was placed, since our parents would be busy all the time and we didn't want anybody finding us when she had to go home.

Anyway, we both climb up the tree house yelling for her to come down, but when we got up... she wasn't there. 

" ___! Come out! Where are you?!" we say looking everywhere.

We knew for sure this was the only place she'd be. She was hinting at it all week before the party. So where was she?

"Maybe her parents are late. They do that a lot," Hikaru said. I nodded and we just went down to the party because we didn't want to be rude and abandon our guests.



"OKAY EVERYBODY, IT'S FINALLY TIME TO OPEN PRESENTS!" our mom announced. At this point the party was almost over, and she was nowhere to be seen. To say we were disappointed was an understatement. We were sad, angry, shocked,... every unpleasant feeling was rushing through us and all we could do was sit there and mope. Where was she? She promised it'd be all of us.


We opened presents, and cut cake, and took pictures, and I even faked a smile a couple times...

but it wasn't the same without her.



{Emi's POV} -picture of Emi above. Not our picture; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I rushed to get to the classroom, being slowed down by my big, ugly yellow uniform dress. My long brown hair was combed nicely into a ponytail and my bangs were framing my face. I'd look good,... if it weren't for the dress. Honestly, why am I even supposed to wear this? I was already late which was not a good impression for my first day, but this dress made me look terrible and I knew it.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Emi Kaneshiro and I'll be 15 in 3 days. I lived here in Japan until I was 12 while my parents ran Tokyo Disneyland, and then I moved to America for about 2 years due to job complications with my parents. Basically we had to run the Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida until they could find a replacement. Now that I'm back my parents have their old job, and mansion back. And as for me? I'm attending Ouran Academy, and I'm so nervous!

I finally get to the classroom I am supposed to be in and knock on the door. I'm a month late to the school year so I am afraid of being alone, but I have some old friends I hope I can see.

The instructor opens up the door and stares at me with a warm smile. "Hello there, you must be the new student. Emi Kaneshiro?" she asks. I nod. "Okay, come in and sit next to- ummm, let me see," she says as I walk in with her, earning looks from the entire class. I look down to avoid their gazes. "Fujioka, Haruhi?" the instructor says. A girly looking boy looks up and raises his hand. "Yes, sit next to Haruhi. Everybody, this is Emi Kaneshiro and she will be joining our class. Please make her feel welcome." she says and I go over to my seat next to Haruhi. As I'm walking up the aisle to my seat I hear many people say whisper about me, but I ignore it and sit down.

Immediately the boy named Haruhi turns to face me and smiles while holding out his hand. "Hi, you must be Emi Kaneshiro. You already know I'm Haruhi Fujioka. I hope we can be friends! I'd be happy to show you around the school if you'd like." he says nicely and I shake his hand. I like this guy already...

"Yes, I'm Emi Kaneshiro. You can just call me Emi. Are you sure you are okay with showing me around?" I asked in doubt because he was so nice to me even though we'd just met. He nods. "Of course. You can sit with me at lunch too if you want!" 

I think about it. "I think...I will. Thank you so much Haruhi! I hope we'll be great friends." I say and he nods before we both turn to begin our work. So far my day was starting out well...

Little did I know there were two pairs of eyes shooting glares at me from a few aisles back...



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