Chapter 7

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Your POV

Levi carried me into his house and set me on the couch.
"You need anything?"
"No I'm good thank you...." I smiled. He smiled back, and sat down next to me.
"I'm going to be keeping you for awhile, just incase something bad happens."
"Levi, I'll be fine!" You said a little too quickly.
"You're just recovering from surgery, the doctor said that someone would have to watch over you." He scolded me.
"Mkay..." You said and giggled.
He ruffled my hair and then kissed me long on the lips again.
"Now get some rest pretty girl." He smirked as he went over to the kitchen to go and get food.
"But I can't fall asleep!" I protested.
"Fine. Sleep with me then." He said as he removed his shirt. All I could do was just stare at his abs.
Whoa. Had he been working out?
He didn't let me respond, he just picked me up, smiled and laid me on his bed.
"Goodnight, f/n. Love you more than anything." He smiles and kisses me.
"Love you more than anything too!" I said as I slowly drifted off into a nice sleep.

When I woke up levi was gone, which had alarmed me, but I saw he left a note.
Hey Sleepy Head.
Morning. I headed off to school I'll see you in a couple hours. I love you. I made you breakfast downstairs.
My heart fluttered as I read his little note. I then ran quickly downstairs and saw that he had made me waffles, my favorite.
I like staying with levi.
I thought while eating my waffles slowly. I checked the time, and it was late in the afternoon.
2:00? I feel asleep for a little too long...
I said to myself as I quickly got dressed and waited for levi to come home.
He came just seconds after I was done getting dressed.
"Hi Levi!" I blushed and smiled as he waved at me.
"Hey, f/n. How have you been?" He sat down next to me.
"Good, just tired and lonely." I giggled as I layed my head down on his shoulder. "But now that you're here, I'm good!" He smiled wide.
"I'm glad." He stared lovingly into my eyes. With him, I forgot about depression and everything.
I still had Annie on my back, I knew she wouldn't be in juvy for long....
"Hey f/n?" Levi asked. He had totally brought you back into reality.
Wait. Was this even reality? He's so sweet and nice!
"Yes?" I giggled. He blushed.
"Well..." He started, but didn't finish.
"What? What is it?"
"I heard that you were with Jean..."
"No I love you. I would never love anyone else!" I reassured him.
"I promise." You both smiled and kissed.
I'm gonna like being here for awhile.

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