Anna Snow

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Hey you guys. This is my first time doing an interview so excuse me if I do anything wrong. Feel free to correct me. I really wanted to interview the Undiscovered Authors (even though I'm one myself) because I feel that there is soooo much talent out there thats overlooked.

Q&A with the undiscovered beauties :-D

Q1: Hey there whats your name?

A: Anna Snow

Q2: What's the name of your book?

A: Chasing Love & Fireworks

Q3: What are you passionate about?

A: Obviously, writing is my #1 passion. If I did not put words on paper, I would go mad.

Q4: Why do you like to write?

A: I love creating my own world and making other peoples lives exciting and fun. My characters become so real once I spend a few months with them and I love to make their lives interesting. I love being able to play God.

Q5: What do you like to write about? What are your favorite genres? (lol two in one)

A:  At this time in my life, I love writing Y/A also known as Young Adult and Romance. But I love reading fantasy and historical literature as well. I'd love to be able to write in those too.

Q6: What gets you in the mood to write?

A:  I think music plays a big part. Music and reading inspires me the most. But usually when I'm out with friends, I go into "observe mode" or "writer mode" and I think of a scene similar in my mind then store it in the back of my brain for later.

Q7: Do you hope to get published one day?

A:  What writer doesn't want to be read? Just like what musician doesn't want to be heard? We all have dreams of being published, I'd love to be published one day, but it is not my main priority. I would write regardless of ever having a manuscript published by a company.

 Q8: Where do you see yourself five years from now in terms of writing, in other words what do you hope to achieve?

A:  Five years from now, I can see myself teaching younger and older students the craft of writing. I'd love to be able to teach workshops and organize them. I am so lucky to live in North Carolina where there's always a critique group or a writers network to go to with this kind of stuff.

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