The first few chapters will be from a young Niall's POV


.:6 Years Old:.


"Mum! Can I go into the woods?"

"No, you can't."

She never lets me go. It's not fair. "Why not mum? Please?" I ask again giving her my puppy eyes, knowing she'll give in.

It always works because I'm adorable. Well, people say I am. Sometimes when we're at the store, weird people that I don't know look at me and smile. Then I would touch my face wanting to know if there's something on it that makes the people smile. I asked my mum one time, and she told me that they smile because I'm adorable. And then another time, my mum took me with her to work, and the people there were telling me how cute I am. It made me feel funny though, kinda happy. But I didn't know what the word 'cute' meant. And I still don't, I keep forgetting to ask mum or dad.

Mum looks at me almost as if she's mad at me but then sighs and shakes her head "No means no. It's almost nine o'clock anyways Ni. It's late and if you go the monsters will get you." At that, she makes grabby hands at me and makes a scary face like a witch. But my mum is beautiful so she would never be a witch. They are ugly, but my mummy isn't.

Monsters? Scared, I jump on my bed and cover myself with the blankets but poke my head out looking at mum "What kind of monsters?" I whisper looking around to make sure they aren't in my room.

She comes closer and closer until she's in front of me "Werewolves and witches. Ogres and dragons...and vampires too."

I laugh "Mum, silly mum. They're not real, you told me all of them are not real. Silly, I'm a big boy now. I remember things." I lied. I thought they were real for a moment, but then I remembered!

Mum laughs with me "Alright, they're not real, but you still can't go. Okay?"

But I still want to go! I frown as I try to make a plan smiling when I do "Okay mum. I won't, but tomorrow can you take me to the park? Please?" I love going to the park, it's fun and close to the ice cream shop place. My favorite is orange sherbet.

Mum nods and gives my forehead a kiss. Eww! I thought kisses go on the cheeks, oh well at least it means mum loves me. That's what kisses mean right? That you like someone? I don't know.

"Goodnight Niall."

"Goodnight mum," I say back and blow her a kiss, something I do every night.

She catches it, smiles one more time and then leaves my room turning off the light and closing the door. She finally left, now I can go into the woods. I get out of bed quietly and go to the window looking out into the woods. I'm happy that my room is on the first floor, this way I can open it and go outside. But I have to wait until I'm sure that mum and dad are asleep or else I'll get into big trouble. I wait until its nine thirty because that's when everyone in the house is asleep. While I wait, I look at the woods wondering what's inside.

They're dark, kinda scary but not really. I'm Niall Horan the greatest explorer ever! I'm not scared of anything or anyone, I'm going to be a hero when I grow up and save people.

Everything is so black and quiet. I can't wait to go in there! I look back at the clock and see it's past nine thirty. It's time to go. I put on my Superman shoes that go with my Superman pajamas and quietly open the window. I wiggle my body until I'm outside, and when my feet hit the ground, I run. I run to the woods and look back at my house, no lights are on, and then go deeper in.

I don't know how long it's been. Minutes? Hours? I lost count after forty-five seconds, I thought I heard a noise, so I stopped. I didn't hear it again, so I kept walking. Maybe I'm going in circles, maybe that's why I can't find my way back home. But I found some really interesting things. Like an owl with long ears, a giant rat with black eyes and a flying squirrel. It was hard to see them, but I did. It's because I eat carrots.

The light from the moon lets me see, but not enough to go home. I'll just walk around until I see my house.

"What are you doing here kid?"

I turn around, a bit scared because there's someone else in the woods, and see a boy standing by a tree. He doesn't look to be too old. Maybe nineteen or twenty. But he's really white, and his eyes are a red color. Did he color them?

"Kid, I asked you a question. What are you doing here?" The boy asks again.

I'm not a kid! I'm a big boy. I want to answer him, but mum always told me not to talk to strangers. I could get hurt. But as I look at him, I don't feel scared or like he's going to hurt me. "Nothing, just walking around." I walk to him and stick my hand out "I'm Niall."

He makes a funny face at me, and I laugh. The side of his mouth moves up, but he answers me "I'm Zayn." He shakes my hand, and I shiver. His skin is cold. Is he sick? I don't think so, he's not coughing. Maybe that's how he is.

"Can I ask you something, Niall?"

I nodded "Sure."

"You wanna play?"

Should I? If mum finds out that I was playing with a stranger in the woods, I'll get in big trouble. I'm not even supposed to be here or be talking to someone I don't know.. But Zayn seems really nice, I don't want to make him sad and if I ask nicely maybe he can take me home.

"Sure! What are we going to play Zayn?"

"Hide and seek."

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