59. Home

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*hey guys! So I've been thinking about the suggestion to make a sequel and I've decided against it but because it's been so many requests I'm going to be doing a mini series for when Rose and Harry go on vacation to Louisiana!:) I'm not finished writing stay yet but I'm getting there.. Hope you guys enjoy I'll be updating Saturday and Sunday! Saturdays chapter isn't my favorite but it's a filler:) love you guys hope you enjoy:) thanks for reading:)

59. Home

Harry POV

I set my bag down and looked into the kitchen figuring that's where Rose would be.

I was taken off guard when I saw she wasn't there. I went into my room and that's where I saw her. She was sitting on the edge of my bed in a t shirt on the phone.

"Yeah, I miss you too." She smiled. "No, I'm not crying." She lied wiping away a tear. "I love you too." She admitted. "I'll be over there soon, I promise!" She paused. "Alright, I love you too. Bye mum." She hung up wiping away tears as she sobbed louder. I sat next to her holding her as she just let it happen. In my arms I could feel her breathing slow down and she paced it. Her arms snaked around my back and torso as she held me momentarily.

"I apologised." I whispered. She nodded letting go. She smiled wearily at me standing up.

She walked out of the room and went to the linen closet that we used for different holiday decorations and pictures.

I stood in my door way watching her pull out the box of pictures and set it down with a thud. She crossed her legs under her and picked up picture after picture. She smiled at each frames photograph before setting it down. She stopped with a famed picture that said forever and always. It was the picture of her and her father before he passed on.

She took in sharp short breaths fighting back tears. She didn't like crying over her dad when she didn't have too. She promised him that she wouldn't cry when he was gone. She sadly didn't always fulfill that promise but she tried her best.

"He was so beautiful." She said under her breath. I sat beside her pulling her body into my lap, my head resting on her chin.

"You look like him." I whispered against her ear. Her cheekbones elevated telling me she was smiling. She really does. She had her dads eyes and cute little nose. She had her mums height which I liked. She was just the perfect blend of them both.

"Do you think he's better where he is?" She asked hopeful.

"I know he is." I kissed her neck. I've never met her father. But I knew him through her memory. She didn't really talk about him much but when she did she smiled a lot. I liked that. I liked that a lot.

"I reckon he's cracking wise jokes and playing songs on his rickety old guitar." She thought aloud.

"Rose." I whispered as I felt tears well in my eyes.

"Sorry." She apologised awkwardly.

"Don't be sorry, I just thought we should put the picture out." She turned her head to face me.


"Because, he makes you smile and I like when you smile."

She smiled kissing my cheek. "You make me smile too." She whispered lightly. My smile became wide as I kissed her cheek again.

"I love you Rose." I promised.

"I love you too." She sighed honestly. I kept my arms around her waist as both of our gazes turned to the picture still held in her hand.

She was laying on her dads chest in the hospital bed. She was asleep as he was holding her with a wide smile on his face and his eyes closed. There relationship was so genuine. And sweet. And they were incredibly close through such a traumatic experienced. "He was such an amazing man." She said to herself. "He died so soon." She shook her head in disapproval. "I just wish I knew why he never told me until the very last minute." She broke down. "The constant visits to the hospital i'll never get to go too. The times he could've told me and helped me understand but didn't. Why? Why would he do that? Was he embarrassed? He shouldn't have been." She stated. Her father died from a brain tumor. He suffered years before passing on.

"Just be thankful for the time you had with him." I whispered lowly into the soft skin of her neck.

"I wish you could've met him." She shrugged happily. "You two would've gotta along just fine." Silence cleared our thoughts and made us become all of sudden more careful with what we were saying. I sighed loudly before speaking.

"Lets go for dinner." I insisted. Pushing her off my lap standing up and extending an arm to help her up. She clutched the frame to her chest and grabbed my hand as I pulled her up into my chest. I grabbed the picture from her hands and walked into my room, setting the frame on her bedside table. I turned around presenting her it's new home. She put her hand over her mouth, with her cheekbones high showing me she was smiling behind her hand.

She removed her hand and smiled at me. "Lets get ready, and then go for dinner."

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