The Hospital

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A/n I feel so bad because the last time I updated was September 2015. Yikes. I'll do a few more chapters and if you guys want me to carry on then just tell me :)

"A-adopt me?" I stammer. I look behind, he must be talking to someone else. Maybe Christie, she's nice. When I turn around, no one is there though.... So he must be talking to me. "Yes, adopt you" he replies, a smile growing on his face. "But why me?" I mean, what have I done? I'm not pretty, I'm not funny, what does he want me for? "If you don't want me to adopt you then that's fine" "no! No! I do want you to adopt me. Please adopt me!!" Ugh, I'm grinning like an idiot, I can't help it though. This has never happened before. I have to pack! I run up to my bedroom and get my suitcase down from my wardrobe, which is harder than it looks because I'm only 5ft 3.

"I'm ready!" I announce to see that this person is filling some forms out. "What's your name?" I ask. I'm being adopted by someone who I don't know their name. Great.. "Its Sean" he says with a smile, "you can call me Jack if you want, everyone does"
"Well then you can call me Piper" I reply whilst gripping onto the banister, wow I feel faint. How much blood did I loose?

"Are you okay? I'm calling ambulance"
"NO!!" I cry out before falling to the floor with everything fading to black.

When I wake up again I'm greeted by a white room, with flowers on the nightstand next to me. This is way too nice to be my room. I look to my left and see Sean sitting on a chair looking worried. I try to sit up but it's too painful.
"Relax, just stay where you are. You have bruised ribs but other than that you're okay."
"Where am I?" I ask. Although, I think I know the answer.
"The hospital" he reply. I let out a sigh, why would he put me in this place?
"What did you tell them?" I ask.
"Umm, about what I saw and stuff. Madame's in jail so you don't need to worry."
"She's going to kill me" I can't help but say.
Jack stays silent but he looks worried.

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