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Hello Lovelies and gents. I have decided to do some questions and answers. There are so many I get asked a lot about. So this chapter will be a way for me to answer some of that for readers and have a little fun too.

Q. What inspired you to write this?

A. Well I love reading in this genre and wanted to capitalize on so many things that are now considered normal in these type of stories for example Mates. I wanted to tell a story of a girl who wanted to find love like humans do. A girl who didn't want love at first sight but all the nervous dates and the falling in love over time thing. I wanted something not done often in this genre.

Q. Why do you spell it Keltic?

A. Truly the reason is for pronounciation and because it used to be spelled with a K. 

Many do not know that because it was changed a long time ago due to english pronounciation. Here is a little bit on it I took from The sceptre website.

The ancient Greeks named these tribal people Keltoi, and for ages after, the anglicized form of the word was Kelts. Probably because k nouns aren't as common in English as c nouns, at some point writers in English began respelling the word with a c .

Then a new factor came into play: English spelling and pronunciation rules. One such rule specifies that in words where as c is followed by an e or an i (cereal, cellar, city, circle the letter c stands not for a k sound but an s sound. So the word Celt began taking on the pronunciation "Selt," as in "the Boston Seltics."

Scholars, however, still use the older pronunciation, "Kelt," and often the older spelling as well, viewing these as more accurate historically and certainly more indicative of the original pronunciation as well as spelling of the Greek word Keltoi.

 I hope that about sums that one up. My ncestors are Keltic and therefore I have studied as much as I can about them. Either way this is all a work of my imagination. I however have no issues with people spelling it Celtic as long as it is pronounced right. By me using the Keltic spelling it insures that people from many Countries on this site who read stories pronounce it how I want for my story.

Q. But Im Irish it is Celtic.

A. I'm Irish too and again ancient texts prove the true original spelling and pronounciation.

Q. Samhain isn't that a pagan or wiccan holiday?

A. I'm gonna cover all the questions I get about this one. Samhain means different things to different people. Some say it is like the Irish version of Halloween which is the day the veil to the otherworld is thinnest and spirits can  interact more with our world. Some say it is the end of Harvest and beginning of winter and its cold months. It is also known as The Keltic/Celtic New Year to some. Either way it is a festival to remeber and celebrate the dead. There are many traditions over the centuries of different celebrations for that day. We must remember that most of it's true meaning and the meaning to the Celtic people are lost to us now. Yes it has been adapted into the Pagan and Wiccan cultures as is the majority of the Irish and or Keltic/Celtic festivals. For my story I have taken many factors of it's meaning and incorporated them again this is all a figment and work of my imagination.

Q. But Samhain means November in Ireland right?

A. While it is celebrated on the first day in November and the last in October the answer is no. It is just the celebration times.

Q.Why would the werewolves and humans go to school together and how do they get seperated for lunches?

A. Because in my story they aren't going to live in seclusion and they are humans as well in a sense they just have the ability to shift into a wolf and have a wolf conscience. On how they are seperated for lunch well that is easy to figure out. The principal is a were as well and seperates them the best he can thought the humans outnumber them and there are some humans on their lunch. 

Q. Why does the Alpha do training at the school and not the pack house?

A.Most of that lies in Derek's point of view which is why it isn't clearly explained. I write mainly from Isabellas point of view and occasionly his. It is just like any other school there are always times of special things they can do for the students. This was one of them. Derek wanted to be at the school so he could keep an open ear out for word on his mate from students who may love to gossip and do so more freely then adults and he wanted to offer something to the pck for allowing him to stay a while. Thye humans had to be included to keep their secret.

Q. Alpha Stevens is different from the Alphas I have read about, why?

A. yes he is. He loves to gossip and is very down to earth and keeps her secret against his High Alpha. One of my favorite aspects in him is his loyalty and his love for gossip. I just wanted to show another side of Alphas instead of always the  rough ones.

Q. How does the necklace work? 

A. It masks her scent. Everyone has a scent even humans. It s a  natural scent from your pores or sweat glands. It will mask also every aspect of the mate bond.

Q. why doesn't Derek get the tingles?

A. See above the necklace masks that. Kathy is pretty powerful.

Q. This story has Druids and Berserkers like Teen wolf. Did you get it from there?

A, No That part of the story was written before Teen Wolf did it as many of my long time readers pointed out to others. I was surprised when my daughter told me what Teen Wolf had done long after I wrote it. It shows my theories and studies are close to what others think, at least the writers of that show.

Q. Where did you come up with the idea of the berserkers and Druids?

A. From reading many ancient texts or stories of them. I decided if werewolves were to ever exist the connection likes there.

Q. Maybe the writers of Teen Wolf read your story then?

A. Who knows lol, but it is a theory that can be pieced together in texts for those inclined to research it. So it's more likely they did research like I did but love that idea how cool.

Q.I have heard of Diana the Moon Godess, who is Selene?

A. She too is a Moon Goddess, perhaps another name Diana used  or an enirely different Moon Goddess. I'm trying to remember my studies but either way theres the answer lol.

Q. Why did you make me cry over and over reading your story?

A. I'm so sorry. I have gotten that a lot, but if you are at this point in the story you know all the heartache and turmoil was worth it. Besides as a writer it os about evoking different feelings in people rather they be good, sad or bad Like throwing your phone lol. I love you all though.

Q.Seriously though I was wondering who Derek's   new mate was and crying for Izzy after cursing her for so many chapters. 

A. Thank you. That was sort of the emotion I was going for.

Q. Will Max get his happily ever after?

A. Stay tuned for a book with ax a nd the London wolves. It will be out soon on wattpad. I just want to finish this one first.

Q. When did you decide to turn Brian?

A. I had always known he would be  bitten so to speak. I was just unsure of his ties to the coming war. Stay tuned for more on that.

Q. When will you update again?

A. I am working on it now. This story has taken me a good few years to write because of taking personal time off and things like that. I want to thank all of you who stood by me in this journey. 

None of these questions and answers were meant to offend anyone. I enjoy reading your comments and they inspire me to write more. Thank you  Lovelies and Gents.

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