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"Who's this new piece of tail I hear you runnin' around with?" Agent Bigfoot asked.

He'd gotten the name because of an incident that had taken place during training. He was always a guy who rolled with the punches and the name stuck. He still wouldn't go into detail about what happened.

"She's my partner." Dylan leaned back in his seat then remembered where he was and thought better of it.

"Never stopped you before, dawg. Pu—"

"I get it, man," Dylan cut him off.

With thinking like that, it was a wonder the guy had any family. His wife was probably cheating on him as much as he did on her. Dylan didn't see the point of living a fake life just to please parents. But then he had been the more rebellious between him and Ross. The vibration of his phone made Dylan do a fist pump under the table.

"I need to take this."

"It's cool. See ya at the briefing." With that, Bigfoot clomped his way down the hall.

"Dylan, you ass. It's about time I got a hold of you."

Dylan smiled. Brent was one of his good friends. Even though they were both in DC, it was hard to meet up. "'Sup, B? How's it going?"

"Same shit," Brent said in response.

"I bet." Dylan looked through the files he'd opened on his screen before Bigfoot had come in.

"I'll keep this short. We'll be there next week. Planned to go out to eat at Sully's before we go see the Bears. Should work out since it's a Thursday night game."

"I can't make any promises. This case I've got—"

"I get it, D. Just putting it in your ear. Sylvia's with me and the in-laws bowed out. So we got two tickets."

"You know I won't pass up free tickets to a game."

"Bring someone. I don't wanna have to go through the trouble of trying to sell 'em. But I will if I have to."

"That's fair."

A knock at the door signaled Nate's arrival. He'd just been at the crime scene. Dylan had told him earlier to check in. He just hoped it was with good news.

"Gotta go, B. Check in with ya Monday."

Dylan ended the call and stood up. After a few minutes of talking about the latest Spider-Man release Dylan got down to business.

"Did you get anything?"

"Plenty of biologicals but other than that, not much."

"Nothing at all?" Dylan asked. This had to be wrong.

"Sorry, man." Nate shrugged. "I got everything I could find out there. Lessa will let you know when the results come in."

"Yeah." With a salute, Nate walked to the elevator.

Dylan went back inside the office, chewing his pen while he stood by the foggy window. Another lead fizzled out. Surveillance and credit card information had been checked at Club Ventana. It lived up to its name with windows that let you see pretty much everything. Shy schoolgirls, slapping and choking young women. Perverts' fantasy material, for sure.

This had also turned out to be one of the many clubs the councilwoman had been connected to. A license check on the place revealed twelve owners. Background checks were being done in the hopes someone stuck out.

Cameras had shown Sariah Vinson with a man who looked to be at least twenty years older than her. Upon finding and interviewing him, he turned out to be a businessman who came from old money. He also hadn't spent any time with her outside of the club. So their guy not only knew how to hide his identity online, but he also knew his way around security cameras.

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