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Michael Clifford was a hermaphrodite boy. He was a male, but had a vagina. He was practically a girl though. He talked like one, acted like one, he just wanted to be a girl. His parents of course supported him since he was his son and treated him like a girl. He loved it honestly. He had beautiful, fluffy, dyed hair that always remained soft. He had breathtaking green eyes that practically sparkled. And his smile was the most stunning.

Michael was just beautiful. He had the perfect body figure. A small, curvy little body, naturally thick thighs and wide hips. He was a precious fifteen-year-old.

Luke Hemmings, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. He always had something to say back. He had an attitude to match his badass figure. He always got high and wasted on the weekend. He had two full sleeves of tattoos and piercings. Most people described him as cold-hearted.


Because they knew him well.
Luke liked to fuck, but not love. He fucked little boys all the time, loving to steal their innocence.

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