The Best Peach Pie in Erimount

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For the third time, Zelda was the last girl left when Professor Weymouth assigned calls for godmothers to answer

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For the third time, Zelda was the last girl left when Professor Weymouth assigned calls for godmothers to answer. A drizzle of rain pounded the windows without avail, casting the room in a dull gloom. With reluctant supervision from Imogen to make sure she didn't create a hurricane, Zelda had covered the sky in dark clouds that morning.

"Nice rain charm, Miss Ravensdale," Professor Weymouth said, standing from his desk at the front.

"I needed a little cover for an outing."

He moved to the back of the classroom to stand before Zelda's desk. "I assume the mission is going well?" he asked.

Zelda nodded. "I think I'm making good progress."

Professor Weymouth gave her a small smile. "I'm impressed with the maturity you have shown."

"Thank you," Zelda replied, her chest swelling with pride.

Professor Weymouth didn't take out a wand but he instructed Zelda to take out hers. "I need to show you how to Poof."


"Travel without wings," the professor added. "It's the same charm Madame LeBleu used on the phones. Simply touch your wand to your nose, and think of a familiar place. You will travel to that place and can stay there as long as you want. If you tap your wand to your nose twice, you'll return to the place of origin."

"Sounds simple," Zelda said readying her wand.

"Yes, but make sure you have the place firmly in your mind. You don't want to end up in the wrong place, or in two places at once."

"Is that possible?" Zelda asked, suddenly feeling a bit nervous about poofing to the prince's room all the way across the city.

"There have been a few documented instances," Professor Weymouth added reluctantly.

Zelda steadied herself. Holding up her wand, she lifted her bag to her shoulder and held on tight. "Here goes nothing," she sighed, touching her wand to her nose and thinking of nothing but Leo's bedroom in the castle, the ornate rug, the overstuffed armchairs, the crackling fire. The air sucked from her lungs, and after the crushing blackness disappeared, she was looking down at the oriental rug which was becoming quite familiar to her.

She didn't even have to pause to clear her head, which was an improvement. Leo lounged in one of the leather chairs, looking more like the prince Zelda saw on the covers of magazines. He wore a narrow cut dark, navy suit and a crisp collared shirt. His hair was finished and styled so it fell perfectly around his ears and curled over the collar of his suit. Zelda laughed as she saw a fedora balanced on his knee.

She laughed. "Is this your disguise?"

"What?" Leo jumped from his seat, placing the felt hat on his head. "You won't even tell me what we're doing. How was I supposed to know what to wear?"

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