Part 4 - A Blast From the Past

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Sanaya's P.O.V:

Trevina McKinley lived in the complete opposite direction to Reefwood HQ and at a distance of nearly 2 hours from my house. So once again, I had to get up at 4 in the morning despite having reached home at 12.30am, dress within seconds and have breakfast on the bus, reach Ms. McKinley's office by 8.30am, only to find out that I'd have to wait till 10.30 to meet her. Apparently, she isn't a morning person.

Disappointed and a bit furious at myself for not having researched her better, or at least called her office, I decided to wait two hours and try my hardest to stay awake by the end of it. Then again, why hadn't I researched her properly? It's very unlike me. I always stay prepared for all kinds of circumstances. Oh, yeah! Guess I was busy loathing Mr. Manwhore Eustis who had happily dumped all his shit on me and then gone his merry way banging some poor woman who doesn't even know she'll be tossed aside once he's done with her!

God, he makes me so mad!

Sighing, I took a seat on one of the large couches laid out in the waiting room of the office building, a 4 storied mansion that also acted as her residence. To say that it was posh would be an understatement. This tiny building amid the giant skyscrapers had all the luxuries in the world including an expensive looking coffee machine on one and a fancy mini bar on the other side of a room, big enough to fit a thousand people and decorated with huge lighting fixtures the shape of globes that cascaded down from the plain white and black walls. The couches felt like fluffy clouds when I leaned my back on them. Even the air conditioning was set to relax rather than freeze to death. I could definitely fall asleep in here if I'm not careful enough and given the past two near sleepless days, I didn't quite trust myself.

Getting up, I beelined for the coffee machine in hopes that a cup of caffeine just might keep me awake for the next half hour, but the manual had me rethinking my decision. Half the words were in Japanese or Chinese (never could distinguish the two) and I had no idea what the other half, which was written in English, meant. Even the settings were way advanced to belong to a coffee machine. Where was this manufactured, NASA?

"Do you need any help with that?"

My back stiffened at the slightly husky and all too familiar voice. "Keith?" I turned to face the door.

"Sana?" The old name brought a smile to my face.

"What're you doing here?" I asked my ex-collegiate and ex-boyfriend, Keith Simons.

"I am Ms. McKinley's Personal Secretary." He gave me a dimpled smile. "And you must be Mr. Eustis's Personal Secretary."

"Yeah...." What exactly do you say to your ex-boyfriend after nearly five years apart? There must be some kind of guidebook for Awkward Moments 101?

"You've changed a lot. You look different." He motioned to my hair and clothes.

"I had to." I shrugged. "It's very difficult to get a job when you look like you're still in High School."

"True. You never really grew out of your adorable baby face." He winked, making me giggle.

"Thanks, I'll take that as a complement." I said, laughing.

"It was. I'll get your coffee." Thankfully, Keith seemed to have revised the entire awkward moment's booklet. Walking over to the machine, he pressed a few buttons and the coffee machine hummed to life, beeping and steaming. He produced a cup from the opposite side of the counter the machine was set on and held it under a lever. Steam came off the cup as the hot espresso poured and more buttons were pressed, he repeated the process under two other levers until a professional cup of cappuccino was formulated.

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