Part 5 - Behind Closed Doors

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Lancelin's P.O.V:

It was 11.46 am when Sanaya brought her into my office. I'd been dreading this moment for a while now, but this is important.

Sanaya looks a little flustered as I turn my attention towards her, she motions her in and then stands behind the set of chairs in which Ms. McKinley takes a seat, pen and paper in hand, ready for taking notes. I'll probably never admit it to her face but she's indeed a very efficient Secretary. But this meeting cannot include her.

"Ms. Johnson, you won't be required for this meeting. Please wait outside and shut the door behind you." I told her sternly.

At first, she looked stunned, but then she nodded her head and went outside the room, closing the door shut behind her. It was only then that the viper spoke.

"My, my Lancelin." Trevina angled her head to one side, blonde hair sliding over her shoulders like liquid silk. "I didn't expect you to turn out to be the rebellious one."

"How long will you take to complete the decorations?"

"What?" She looked at me startled.

"How long will you take to complete the decorations?" I repeated.

Her laughter had the power to make mortals and immortals her slave. With her head thrown back, the long slender column of her neck exposed and her long blonde curls sliding over her shoulders with a sensual caress; she lived up to her give name. Poison Aphrodite.

Her laughter irritated me further. But I said nothing; simply waited for her tricks to be over and done with.

"Oh Lance! What has happened to you?" She crossed her legs, deliberately letting the satin of her dress slide off to expose porcelain skin. "You were always the playful one. Fun, sensual and carefree."

"Irresponsible, you mean." I stared at her unflinching as those red lips curved up.

"God no!" She gasped. "You were responsible for giving me the best six years of my life! Years I haven't forgotten till date."

"Really?" I asked, surprised. "Funny how I can't recall them at all." And I really didn't. She was a past I'd long forgotten and I'd very much like to keep it that way. There is a reason why I've dug up old graves, a reason which has nothing to do with dipping in that vipers pit again.

Her face paled. "You've changed Lance. I used to know you so well. And you, I."

"If you knew me as well as you claim Trevina, then you know that I hate having to repeat myself." I let my inner demon reign in my voice.

Startled, she looked at me wide eyed, and then lowered her gaze. There was no trace of seduction in her voice when she spoke next. "It'll depend on the size of the hotel you've built."

"Five storied two fifty rooms, lounge, hall, five dining rooms and pools for each floor and an underground bar." I listed.

"Three months." Was her curt reply.

"I'm paying you fifty million for a reason, Trevina. Five times the amount for a hotel this small in size. I want to open it next month." I stood up from my chair. "Wrap everything up by this weekend. We'll be staying there for the duration of the month. Everything you want for the decorations will be made available to you instantly."

"Of course. I expected no less." Trevina raised her chin. "Make sure all my expenses are covered."

With that, she stood up and marched out the door, slamming it shut on her way out. I sighed. And then called out, "If you want to eavesdrop so badly, wouldn't it have been better to stay in the room Ms. Johnson?"

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