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March 12 2016

Dear diary, (Cliche I know, but ........ eh............ what the heck)

This is my first entry. My name is Laura Sharpes and I am 18. I don't want to do this shit but, my therapist feels that it's necessary to write down my 'feelings' on paper. (Maybe it's cause I refuse to tell her anything)

This is probably the part when I tell you about my friends and shit. Ok so for starters I don't have friends. I'm the sort of girl that would sit in the corner by herself. My father left me when I was 10 and my mother died two years ago. My father John Sharpes, is one of the richest men in the world. When he left us, he gave us enough money to last us five life times, sort of like an apology present. My mother refused to use any of it, but she still kept it. I've been living with my cousins Mia and Gemma Smith and my aunty Kayla for the past two years. Before my mother passed she revealed a secret. That I have an older brother.

Here's what I know so far,

His name Levi Blogger. He is 22. He got sent away to a rehab when he was 13. That was the same year that my father left us. I guess it was too much for him to handle.

According to the records, he stayed there for about 2 months and then there was no record of him after that. I spoke to his old therapist (who had retired) who mentioned that he was meant to remain in rehab for 6 months and then under house arrest for the remainder of the year.

I also found out in the past year that his whereabouts had been located, apparently he has been around London. That was the last place he used his real name anyway which was about 2 years ago. He could've moved to a entirely different country for all I know. At least it's something.

That's all I've found out in the past two years. I've got school tomorrow so I think i should go to bed.

Until next time.

Good Night.

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