《Chapter 10》

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Karma stood under a tree looking at the watch strapped on his wrist and sighed. ':15 am...she's late. Thought the red-head.

Karma sighed, once again, and kept waiting under the tree until he saw a girl with (l/h) (c/h) hair standing nearby. The girl looked around and noticed Karma staring at her. In return, she walked toward Karma.

"Oi, Karma! You're late by 15 minutes!" she yelled.

Karma observed the girl. She had shinny (l/h) (c/h) hair, (e/c) orbs, and she wore a pink dress with black boots. (A/N: Just imagine the clothes yourself. Mioka is really bad at descriptions.)

"(Y/N)-chan? Are you really (Y/N)-chan? Who are you and what have you done to (Y/N)-chan?!"

"Of course! Who do you think I am, baka! You're 15 minutes late!"

"Well you look different from your usual self. By the way, I was waiting here for 15 minutes. So you're the one who's late, (Y/N)-chan."

"Whatever." She sighed and took Karma's hand. "Hurry! She's waiting for us!"

"She? I thought we're on a date, (Y/N)-chan."

"I never said it was a date!"

(Y/N) pulled Karma's hand harshly and took him to the Amagi Brilliant Park entrance. A girl with long light brown hair and her red uniform was waiting for them.

"Isuzu-chan!" (Y/N) waved to her who stood by the entrance and she waved back,

"(Y/N)-chan! You're late!" scolded Isuzu.

"Gomen~! I'm late 'cause I had to wait for this idiot." (Y/N) pointed to Karma who stood beside her.

"You're the one who's late, (Y/N)-chan."

"Urusal!" Isuzu chuckled at their mild argument.

"Karma, this is Sento Isuzu. My best friend from elementary school and an employee in this amusement park. Isuzu-chan, this is Akabane Karma, my classmate."

Isuzu notice (Y/N)'s hand holding Karma. "Ne, ne, is he your boyfriend?"

"Eeehhh...?! No! We are not——that will never happen! I will never date someone like this Idiot!" (Y/N) defended herself as she let go of Karma's hand.

Karma just chuckled and smirked at (Y/N). "We are dating. She just pretends that we are not." He put his hand around her shoulder.

(Y/N) shoved him away. "In your dreams, idiot!"



EDITED (30 JULY 2017)

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