Chapter 2: The reason

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I wanna dedicate this chapter to Shax_Panda for her amazing stories. I love your work girl and I hope you keep doing what you're doing because I appreciate it...especially The Attic and Undisclosed Desires

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Sweat dripped down my face, over my chest and onto the top of my shorts. The sun's rays punished us severely as it didn't hold back its heat waves and decided to hit us with everything she got. I panted and looked stoically at my opponent

He wasn't fairing any better. His gingered hair cluttered in a few places and stuck to his forehead, sweat tumbled down his forehead and since he was a pale lad, his face turned a bright red as he became flustered from the heat.

"You're breaking Andy" He taunted

He wasn't doing any better than me but no matter what he always has a smile on his face and his teasing never cease to stop or waver. I grunted and threw him a double round house kick before giving him an upper cut. He dodged each one of my attacks and it was starting to get on my nerves

I don't get why we have to train with our own team. I find it useless and boring. I know each and every one of their weaknesses and strengths and vice versa. I know they feel the same way but what can you do.

"That's the best you got, oh mighty one"

I rolled my eyes and threw a couple more kicks and punches and dodged a few in return. This continued on until the Director came into the training area. It was odd and new since he always stays in his office or out discussing things with the Royal Court.

Due to the small distraction, Simon took his eyes off of me and turned to look at the intruder. I smirked and delivered a kick to his head. Like a top, he spun on his heel and fell to the ground with a thud. I walked up to him and smirked, holding my hand out to him

"You okay there, pup" I teased

Rolling his eyes, he took my hand and I heaved him up. Since I was small for my age, I had to look up at him when he was standing up straight, which he was doing right now and smiled smugly at him

"If Daniel asks, I let you win" He winked and went to greet the director.

I chuckled and shook my head. What a weirdo. Grabbing my duffle bag, I walked up to the duo and heard the ending of their conversation

"That was a lucky shot and we all know it. Andrew may be the mighty Keeper and what not and the conscience of the group but I'm the brawns that keep this group safe" He boasted

I held in the urge to laugh at that. He began flexing his biceps like that was going to impress the director. The boss man kept nodding and agreeing with him but the look of amusement in his eyes told me he was just humouring my big muscular friend and team mate

"Simi, I think he knows what he saw; you getting your ass kicked by a man half your size" I giggled

And just like that, his face turned redder than a tomato. I poked his face and laughed while the director chuckled at our exchange. With a huff of annoyance, he stomped out of the gym and took his gym bag and long face towel with him

"I want a rematch later" He hollered before disappearing

It's so easy to rile him up and teasing him always makes our day. He's just a cute ginger even though he looks like Bruce Banner on adrenaline rush and turn into the Amazing Hulk.

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