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Nico's POV

After Lou Ellen trying to run away we didn't really talk about it a lot we told the others, and Will got really mad.
"Lou Ellen we have been friends for ever how could you almost leave me I hate Nico I was only dating him to distract me from you." he yelled, and shot an arrow straight through her head. (AN I'm not that cruel) Just kidding. Will and Cecil both felt bad about it and felt they might have been the cause of it. Gods they are idiots.
" Lou Ellen would you please explain to these guys what is happening to your powers." I asked her. She had been kind of protective of herself lately and I thought maybe getting a bit off her shoulders might help. We had been walking for a couple days but it felt like forever. Cecil suddenly stopped and pulled out an I phone.
"Guys one minute let me take a selfie."(again I'm not that weird ok maybe I am.) just kidding we can't even have phones much less take "selfies." Lou Ellen started explaining what was happening to her.
"Well you know how Percy's dad became weak over his own domain? Well in a way that's happening to my mom. They must be very powerful to bring her down, she probably going to lose control of the mist as well. My magic is not nearly as strong as hers, so I will most likely lose my magic to the point where I might as well be a mortal." She had told us.
Her case was pretty bad we had tried to help but it was hard. I then spoke up
"Guys we're almost there."
Right as I said this we came up to a huge gigantic cave, the outside was rimmed with black stone. It seemed to radiate red which usually meant evil or bad power.
"Well I don't think you're wrong Nico.

(There you go I haven't done nico in a while so there he is by the way that song at the top is one of my favorite  I thought you guys would like it)
Word count is about around four hundred words long yep so bye guys

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