Chapter 1

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"Get off me!" I spat at the guy pushing me into the lockers,trying to kiss me. He gets on me more. "I said get off me!" I yell as I pushe him off me,as he stumbles onto the floor hitting his head on the water fountain. He got up and walked away. I walked down the school hallway,searching for Tiffany. 'Look for a hat' I thought standing on my tip toes looking over people's heads. Suddenly somebody bumped into me knocking me forward. I turned around "hey watch where your-" the person cut her off "ah shit I'm sorry" the guy said as he picked up his stuff. "There's so many people in the hallway" he said. I studied his face,his long red/brown hair with a red bandana tied around his forehead,his beautiful green eyes,wow he was attractive. "No no it's fine" I said helping him with his things. "Uh thanks see ya later" he gave me a cute smile then walked away. "Dani!" I heard a familiar voice yell. "Tiff I need to tell you something!" Tiffany was wearing her red hat backwards with black skinny jeans and a plain white t shirt. I was wearing white skinny jeans with a red shirt. Today was one of our lazy days. "What?" She questioned. "I just met this really attractive guy." I smiled. "Who?!" She got over excited. "I don't know his name! But HE. WAS. WEARING. A. BANDANA." I over exaggerated. "Give me his face details!" She said. "He had long red/brown hair,blue/green eyes,the cutest smile, I don't know his face was just perfect." I was blushing. "Somebody's got a crush on the new guy!" Tiffany nudged me winking. "He's a new kid?" I questioned. "Yeah I don't know his name, he's in my gym class." She said. I smiled,and we walked down the hallway towards the exit doors.

"That's him!" I softly yelled as I pointed at the house next to mine,as we approached my front door. He was unlocking his door. "Yeah that is him!" Tiffany said. We went inside,laying our backpacks in front of the door and kicking off our black converse. "I can't believe he lives next door to me." I smiled and sat on the couch. "Hey you wanna stay he night tonight?" I asked tiff. "Sure I just gotta go get my stuff" she said. "That's fine since your house is right in front of mine" I laughed. Tiffany left the house and I went to my room to clean up a bit. I put my window up,I always keep my window up just for the fun of it ha. As I look out my window there's that guy again. 'Of course he just happend to be right next to my room.' I thought to myself. I walked away to my radio and put on rock 103 full blast. I past my window and saw him singing the song that was playing ok the radio. "You like def leppard?" I kinda yelled to him. Our houses were like 20 feet away. "Yeah I love this song,I didn't think a girl like you would like rock" he said back "I looked at my baggy aerosmith shirt, worn down white pants, combat boots, and my bon jovi hairstyle and bandana. "Really?" I said acting cocky. He laughed. I heard my door bell ring. "There's a girl walking in your house" he said looking at my front door. "Yeah that's friend tiffany" I said as I sat on the bench I had in front of the window. "Hey tiffany" the guy said. "Uh hi" she laid her bag on the floor. "What's your name btw?" I asked him. "Call me axl. What's yours?" He asked. "Call my dani" I said giving him a smirk. "K well I'm hungry so were going to get some food" I said to him. We went downstairs and got each got a slice of cold pizza and went back to my room and sat on my bed.

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