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You're waiting for Harry outside the studio for your lunch date. Harry comes out " hey babe I missed you." Kisses you on the lips sliding his tongue across your bottom lip & sucking lightly. You sigh in pleasure. He pulls away smiling mischievously" damn. I love you so much (Y/N)."

" i love you to Harry." "Oh damn

(Y/N) i forgot my wallet in the studio!" He then gives you his phone & tells you to go & wait in the car for him. You make your way to his car smiling knowingly; while you're waiting for him in the car he gets a text & his phone is still unlocked so you just check who it is. Your eyes widen. "What the hell? I thought he said he was done talking to her... he promised me!" Harry then climbs into the car. He sees the look on your face & knows somethings wrong." Harry wtf! You said you were done talking to this girl!" Harry just looks at you silently. " well are you gonna say something or what?! You freakin promised me Harry!"

Harry finally speaks & says," I'm sorry (Y/N) I just texted her back cause she was sorry about everything & just seeing how I was ...nothing personal ....don't act this way babe" You stare at him angrily," Harry it says here she wants to F you one last time & that she'll keep it a secret! How am I suppose to react to this Harry! How the hell am I suppose to react?! Oh Harry its ok you promised me you wouldn't talk to her & then broke that promise its ok though!" You say sarcastically.

" babe I know I made a horrible mistake I'm sorry!" "Whatever! Just take me home." Harry then gets frustrated "(Y/N) don't do this to me! I only get so little time with you!" " well you should have thought of that before you texted that hoe instead of me! Since you 'want' to spend time with me! Psh yea right." Harry's face gets red & you see his viens pop out of his muscled arms "YOU'RE NOT GOING HOME IM TAKING YOU WITH ME & THATS IT!" "WTF Harry? ! Why are you angry I'm the one that should be angry! YOU LIED TO ME!" By now you're red in the face. " I know (Y/N)! I said I'm sorry!"

"well that doesn't change anything Harry." You both are silent while Harry drives. You notice he starts to drive faster because he's mad. " Harry slow down you're scaring me." He slows down. You finally make it to his house. You quickly get out of the car get the hidden key, open the door, & run to his room & lock yourself in it. "(Y/N)! Open the door come on babe!" You just sit there your eyes kind of tearing up. " (Y/N) OPEN THIS F***EN DOOR RIGHT NOW!" you suddenly get so angry you open the door & get up in Harry's face. " STOP HARRY! I HAVE ALL THE RIGHT TO BE ANGRY RIGHT NOW! SO LEAVE ME THE F ALONE!" Harry grabs you & pushes you against the wall. " you're throwing this all out of portion!" Your about to say something when you suddenly remember something that happened 3 weeks ago. "But Harry I'm not throwing this out of portion I distinctly remember Zayn saying I came over & he saw you with lipstick on your mouth after I left saying lucky girl you...but...but...." You swallow hard. " Harry I didn't come to your house 3 weeks ago."You finally Brust into tears. "HARRY please tell me it wasn't her!" Harry then looks down & run his hands through his hair.Harry looks at you sadly he takes a deep breath."Babe I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want to upset you. she came to my house and I let her in because she said that she wanted to talk everything out so that we wouldn't be angry at each other anymore but then she threw herself at me and she just started kissing me I tried to push her away but she kept jumping on me and took off my shirt. I couldn't hit her because well I couldn't. I'm sorry babe it was a mistake you were right .I should have never let her in and I shouldn't have ever started texting her or talking to her I'm so sorry babe." You look up at Harry your eyes teary ... you take a deep breath. "I can't believe you never told me this happened! how could you Harry! how could you not tell me this happened !I'm your girlfriend we're supposed to tell each other everything & even after you promised that you wouldn't talk to her anymore you then went behind my back and something did happen and you still didn't tell me!!" "I know I'm sorry babe I'm so sorry I know I made a horrible mistake please please say you forgive me! nothing happened! The only thing that happened was that she kissed me, pulled my shirt off & i pushed her off and I made her leave please listen to me!" You just stand there quietly and shake your head ,"I just I just I I..." you start to tear up again the tears slowly come down your cheeks he looks at you torn "please (Y/N). i love you. Please babe." he kisses away your tears. "Harry Please don't call me babe please just don't call me that right now." Harry continues to caresses your face & he slowly puts his hands up your shirt and slides them up & down your curves.

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