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So, I didn't have my goal met but thats okay. I wanted to update anyway because I have been working on a bunch of stories and I kind of want to go ahead and finish this one and the Neymar one (which btw I just updated, it wasn't much but it was something, eh). I have a new story in mind that I think you guys would like I will post the prompt at the end of the chapter and tell me whether you thinks its worth me finish writing it and publishing it on here. 

BTW, check out the song I linked up above. Its Jesse McCartney 'Leavin', its such a good song!

Dedicating this to lindahh and everyone else whom commented <3

Cristiano's POV

"So how is the old ball and chain?" I asked Sergio sitting down beside him on the bench. I looked out on the pitch watching the rest of the team kicking the ball around.

"Terrible. Hows the pregnant wife?" he asked.

"Fucking amazing her hormones are all over the place and her sex drive has increased so we pretty much been fucking like rabbits. It's amazing," I smirked think about this morning.

"Fucking lucky ass bastard," he mumbled. "At least one of us is getting some"

"True," I smirked.

"You and Amber fight like crazy and been through so much how are you guys still together," he asked.

I thought about that for a second. How are we still together after all of the bullshit?

"That easy, its love. I hurt her, she hurts me. But in life everyone gets hurt by somebody, it just about finding some one who is worth the suffering. To me Amber is worth it. Is Pilar worth it?" I asked him.

He took a couple of minutes to think about it, "No she isn't but I know somebody who is special to me. She is definitely worth it!"

"Then it is settled. Leave, I mean if your home is so bad and you can't work things out with Pilar then maybe you should I don't know move out," I told him. 

I really hate he is in this shitty situation because he is one of my homies. I care about his well-being. He needs to be happy. He deserve someone who is as special to him as Amber is to me. Part of me, well all of me believes that this special someone to him is Danielle but thats none of my business, I thought sipping my water.

"Yeah, but I want to be with the kids. I can't just up and leave them," he said looking down.

"I know it will be tough but tonight just sit them down and explain it to them how things just didn't work out. Be honest though, kids understand more than we think they do. Its going to happen because I doubt you will still be living with your wife after you two get a divorce, so just get it over with move out and then things will get be better. And you aren't leaving them get half custody and be there for them. Stay in there lives and be the greatest dad that you can be," I told him.

"Well, yeah that would be best. I can do that," he said. Looking at his freshly died pink hair I smiled.

"So, how you enjoying the new dye?" I said rubbing his hair ruffly.

"Its always great to dye your hair the color of petobsmol, it shows my support for cancer," he said sarcasticly.

"Yep, its great man...ha...glad to be of service," I said trying not to laugh as I see Marcelo and Pepe struggling with the latest prank.

"Your pranks are getting out of hand, when will you quit this bullshit man?" he said running his hand through his hair.

"I guess when you can pull a prank so good that I have to throw in the towel, you know surrender but until then you're shit out of luck," I say then Marcelo and Pepe pour a huge bucket of lime green paint on him.

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