Registered Medic Ninja, Naruto... what?!

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"What is it?" Naruto asked, his voice also dropping a level in pitch.

"Follow me. You'll understand when you see it." Tsunade said as they began walking towards the Senju Estate, followed by Kakashi, who was already informed of what was about to happen.

Once at the estate, Naruto took notice of the current situation of the would be living room.

"Umm, Kaa-san... What happened to the living room?" Naruto asked uncertain.

"You'll see." she responded as she motioned for him to take a seat, while taking a seat in front of Naruto behind a desk.

"Student Naruto! As one of the Legendary Sannin, I have the privilege to test anyone I see fit in regards to Shinobi Status, and as Head of the Hospital, I am able to evaluate you on your ability to become a Medic Nin. You will now be given the Academy's Genin Evaluation, with the Yondaime Hokage's approval, to see if your knowledge and abilities are fit to become a Genin. Jonin Kakashi Hatake and Jonin Itachi Uchiha will be our witnesses to the process' legitimacy. Are you willing to follow through with the examination?" Tsunade finished as Itachi and Kakashi took their places on adjacent walls. 

"I wish to proceed." Naruto said with hard eyes.

"Very well. You will have one hour to complete the written portion of the evaluation. Your time begins... NOW!" And with that, Naruto's eyes took focus on the paper in front of him, working through the questions as if they were nothing but a survey. Shocking Tsunade, Kakashi and Itachi, Naruto was done in 25 minutes, earning a perfect score on the exam. In all the history of the academy's establishment since Hashirama Senju's time, there has never been anyone to finish the Academy's Genin Evaluation in such a short amount of time. The closest had been Itachi, who finished in exactly 37 minutes when he took his evaluation.

"Very impressive, Student Naruto. We will now proceed to shuriken and kunai throwing. Let's go outside to the training grounds." said Tsunade, and with that, they moved outside. 

"The Shuriken and Kunai Throwing Examination is very straightforward. You will use 10 kunai and 10 shuriken. Your task will be to land as many as you can in the targets. Ready? Begin!" and with that, Naruto chose to aim as best as possible without sacrificing time. He was not the best at shurikenjutsu, and it showed. 8 of the kunai made it, and 7 shuriken. Not bad for a genin.

"That is good enough. Lastly, we will evaluate your ninjutsu, are you ready?" Tsunade asked one last time, to which Naruto nodded.

"First, Henge!" Tsunade ordered as Naruto transformed into Tobirama Senju, glaring down at Tsunade, making her feel as if her grand uncle was actually there.

"Very good, Naruto. Next, Kawarimi!" Said Tsunade as she threw 3 shuriken at Naruto. In Naruto's place was a log once the shuriken made contact with Naruto.

"Standard. Now, Bunshin!" Tsunade ordered as 15 copies of Naruto puffed into existence. 

"Kage Bunshin... That's better than the regular bunshin, so, good job. Lastly, for extra credit, you may perform any jutsu you wish to display." Tsunade informed as Naruto prepared to go through some hand seals. Hand seals neither Tsunade, Kakashi, or Itachi had ever seen.

"Katon: Kagutsuchi no Nakisakebi!(Fire Release: Wail of Kagutsuchi)" and with that, a stream of fire as white as snow proceeded to incinerate anything in its path. One could feel the heat radiating from those flames, as everyone at least 5 miles around could testify, almost charring their skin. Only years of experience allowed Tsunade, Kakashi and Itachi to Kawarimi out of there.

As the flames died out, Naruto fell on his knees panting heavily. At the moment, Kagutsuchi no Nakisakebi is his strongest technique in his repertoire, as it consumed around 80% of his chakra. For an Uzumaki, and the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki at that, the technique consumed way too much chakra, so it would kill any regular ninja to even attempt to practice it.

Returning to the training ground, all three veteran shinobi could still feel the heat radiating from the ground and the charred trees around them.

"N-Naruto! What was that technique?! I have never seen anything as destructive as that." Kakashi said, still recovering from the adrenaline running through his body.

"That is my first original jutsu. I call it Kagutsuchi no Nakisakebi, for its destructive aftermath. For some reason, my two strongest affinities happen to be fire and wind, with water coming at a close third. Since both my strongest affinities complement each other, I am able to experiment with chakra combination jutsu, such as the one you just saw. It took me 2 years to be able to even test it as the amount of research I had to do was borderline overwhelming, but as you can see, it was worth it in the end." Naruto ended with a shit-eating grin, causing the three shinobi to blatantly stare dumbfounded at Naruto.

"W-well... either way, congratulations, Genin Naruto! It is my pleasure to present this gift as your reward for years of hard work, and determination. We're all very proud of you, Naruto." Tsunade said as her eyes teared up in anticipation for what was about to happen. 

Naruto took a breath as he began to open the box.

The contents were as follows: 

1x Black Konoha Headband

1x Genin Certification

1x Custom Medical Coat with a Will of Fire sewed on the back, along with another symbol Naruto swore he saw somewhere.

and lastly,

1x Medic Registration and License with the following written:

Naruto Senju-Uzumaki

At that, Naruto's eyes widened. Turning his head to Tsunade, he saw her eyes filled with tears, causing his to water as well.

"S-Senju?" Naruto asked in a frail tone, causing Tsunade to unconsciously release a small sob.

"Yes, Naruto. I was able to make it official, Sochi." as she said that, both Kakashi's and Itachi's eyes widened, not being aware of that final piece of information.

"K-Kaa-san..." was all Naruto said before throwing himself to hug Tsunade, both crying with happiness.

This was only the beginning of Naruto Senju's Story, and the Shinobi World was about to be taken by storm.

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