Chapter 2: Tips To Win

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Below are some tips we think might help, but we want to hear from you what's working! Post in the comments with how you're sharing Wattpad with friends. What's working? What's not? We'll add more chapters as we go.


- Send friends a link to your referral code and a story recommendation via SMS or WhatsApp. What's the last thing you read on Wattpad and loved? What do you think they would love? Remember to include your personalized referral link, otherwise those referrals won't count towards your prizes!

- Start a bookclub! Get some friends together, debate which book you'll read first and begin! We love books that are posting a new chapter or two a week so you can all read it in real time, like waiting for the next episode in your favorite TV show. And it's great because you can read on-the-go: at the gym, waiting in line for food, late at night in bed without keeping the roommate up.

- Is there an orientation fair or somewhere you can set up a booth to tell people about Wattpad? It's a great way to meet new people who might be interested in the same things you are!

- Show your coworkers around Wattpad on a lunch break, then text them your referral link if you think they're gonna get hooked. Pick a book that's serializing so you can chat about the latest cliffhanger as it drops!

- Throw a party! Read your favorite story out loud with friends, or throw a theme party around Halloween and your favorite fanfic. Or a Freudian-Slip party where you all wear slips and read your favorite sexy reads out loud. Or some themed-party we haven't even dreamed up yet.

- Try posting on a school message board or forum!

- Are you in a creative writing class or a fun English course, that has a message board? Try sharing a link to a specific story and your download app link there to show people how they can use Wattpad to find an audience for their writing, get feedback, and stay motivated to keep writing.

- Are you active on other forums or communities like Tumblr, Facebook groups, Chegg, Yik Yak? Find a story that made your jaw drop (from lolz or feels), and share it (don't forget your referral link!).

- Show Wattpad to a professor and see if they can think of ways it could be used for a class. If everyone posts their work at Wattpad under a specific hashtag, you could read each other's work, give feedback and get feedback from the wider Wattpad community, too. And reassure them, everyone would still entirely own the right to their work. Learn more about our copyright policy .

- Have Wattpad Squad writer's block? Here are some messages you can use to send out your invite link!

I think you'll be as obsessed with this as I am. Read this: [story link], download Wattpad here: [insert your referral link]

Join my Wattpad Squad! [insert your referral link here] And while you're at it, check out some awesome stories, too :)

I wrote an insane fanfic, please don't judge me. [story link] But also, download Wattpad using my code and I'll get some free stuff! [insert your referral link]

This is why I got no sleep last night [story link]. Join Wattpad here [insert your referral link here] and I'll invite you to my pizza party (if I get 50 downloads)

You might want to include a short description of what Wattpad is. We usually describe Wattpad like this: Wattpad is a free app that lets people discover and share stories about the things they love. It's for everyone, with a community of more than 40 million people around the world. It's a completely interactive and social experience, so even if you don't create a story, you can still read and comment or fangirl about some fan art.

*What else is working for you? Comment and we'll post the best ideas in the next chapter!*

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