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@-roleplay So imma write about Tyty.

So people think its alright to come into your life and then living just like that.Idfk why tho anyway.Tyty is the only one who doesnt left me yet.I know he is hard but he is really loving and caring.Im glad I met him and its like yeah sometimes he is mean but I dont mind cuz i know he woves me AND YEAH I DID SCREENSHOT IT lol

Guys like seriously if you ever hurt him,imma cut your head off and play football with it *smiles innocently*

He is the only one,okay him and Jack that I share my food with and also I trust him so so so much.To be honest Im afraid to lose you too and I really dont want to *smiles*

I really am not good with words and it pisses me off cuz you wrote something really good and mine its lame *pouts cutely*

I wov weo Tyty *smiles*And thank you so so much.Can I hug you now?*pappy eyes*

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