Decision - You go with Josh

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Decision - You go with Josh into the basement

"What do I get when I help you?", you ask smiling still wanting a sip from the alcohol bottle. Josh wiggles his eyebrows in a sexy way. "A surprise", is his answer. For a second you look at him with narrowed eyes. "Nah, I think I take a break", you push his shoulder playfully and want to leave the kitchen.

"No way! Come on, (Y/N)", Josh grabs your hand and drags you into the right direction. "You really want me to come with you... Is someone scared?", to be honest you hoped that he would react like that. He chuckles for a brief moment, while the two of you go down the stairs. "Me and scared? How dare you to say something like that", Josh pinches your side playfully, because he knows exactly that you are a little bit ticklish there. It's hard to hold back the laugh.

"So you are still trying to hook up Ashley and Chris? You are a really patient man, Josh", you try to change the subject. He opens one of the drawers to get a flashlight. "Yes, they need time alone and maybe Chris makes finally the first move. I know I'm patient. That's the reason why we are still friends", Josh teases you smiling. Gasping you put a hand over your heart like he has hurt you.

"You are so mean", nobody can resist your puppy eyes. Josh puts a hand over your shoulder laughing. "I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself. Uh... We should fire up the boiler", it seems he wanted to say something else. Without a further word he opens the door to the basement. For a brief moment you look at the picture of him and his sisters. Will this sad feeling fade away someday?

"Hey, (Y/N). I wanted to have a bit time alone with you to say something... You know", Josh breaks the ice suddenly serious. "Yes?", you ask as he doesn't continue to talk. The situation seems a bit awkward now. The two of you are not the type for a serious conversation. Your task is to make him laugh and distract him when he has a bad day.

"It was definitely easier in my head... I wanted to thank you for all the things you have done in the last year. You were always by my side even if I never asked you for help. I'm ashamed that I never really said thank you and ... It's good to know that you are my friend. Oh my, that didn't go well. That's awkward now, right?", Josh tries to find the right words.

Laughing you look at the ground. "A bit, but don't worry... Uh... I don't know. The cow skull on the wall still gives me the creeps", you point at the wall behind him. Just say something funny and everything will be alright again. "Oh, really? Nice try to change the subject by the way", Josh leads the way with the flashlight.

Without a word you follow him down the stairs. Of course you notice the broken step so you don't fall to the ground. At least the water machine isn't far away. Like a few minutes ago you look over his shoulder. Josh shakes his head slowly. "Am I making you nervous again?", you tease him smiling. He takes a step to the side. "Uh.. No?", it sounds more like a question than an answer.

Within one second your eyes start to glow. "Oh my god! You still have the baseball bat?", the smile on your lips widens immediately. "Why is it here in the basement?" Josh takes the bat out of your hands. "Sure, it's still a good weapon, right? But I don't know why it's here", he leans the bat against the water machine. The last few years he never used the bat to play ball. There were other funny things you all did with the bat.

"Let me help you", you take the flashlight from him so he can use both hands to work on the machine. "It's like the good old times", the weird noises from the house make you crazy. Josh looks at you over his shoulder. "Yes, we are just older and hopefully smarter." The two of you look at each other for a second. "Sure, that's why we are here again", you reply sarcastic.

"Don't be so pessimistic. We are going to have a good time. No one will ever forget these days", Josh strokes your cheek with his thumb. Yes, at least the last part is true. "You know what you have to do?", you just nod as an answer. It's not the first time you handle the old water machine.

With ease you turn on the machine, then you wait for the right moment to fire up the boiler. "That's my girl!", Josh raises his hand for a high-five. Suddenly you hear a creepy noise. "Did you hear that?", you turn around to check your surroundings. "Yes, it's an old house. That could be a lot of things and none of them nice", he takes his chance to tease you. Josh runs his fingers over your back like a spider.

"Stop it!", smiling you push his hand away. At least he has something to laugh. "I'm just "Joshing" ya", the smile on his lips won't fade away. "You are so funny", you roll your eyes. Surprised he raises his eyebrows. "Oh, is someone scared?", Josh uses your own words against you. Gasping you take a step back. The beam of the flashlight in your hands starts to tremble. "Oh my god. Don't move. I think there is someone or something", you whisper suddenly serious.

"Come on", he knows exactly what you are doing. You shake your head slowly. "I'm not joking, Josh. We should run", the concern in your voice sounds real. Josh turns his head to look behind him. "Ops, it was just your shadow", you push him playfully. His face is just priceless. "Oh, you got me really good", he needs a few seconds to calm down. The terrified look on your face made him uncomfortable.

Before you can say something you hear another creepy sound. "Alright, what's that?", you look at Josh a bit scared. He takes a few steps forward with narrowed eyes. "We check out where the noise comes from, right?", you already know what's going on in his head. Even if it's damn scary a smile appears on his lips. "Don't worry. I'll keep you safe with my muscles", usually you would say something sarcastic, but not yet. You don't know why, but this ski lodge freaks you out a bit.

Just for safety you take a step closer to him and grab his arm. "Could it be a pipe or something like that?", it's definitely creepy. Josh gives you a shrug with his shoulders. "Just stay close." You are not the type to get scared easily, but the basement has a scary atmosphere or something like that. In the next moment you regret the decision that you went into the basement.

A person with hockey mask and weird clothes jumps right in front of you two. "What the hell!", you yell scared as hell before you turn around and run away. At least the way back to the door isn't really far. To buy the two of you a bit time you throw something behind you. The person trips over it and almost falls to the ground. Your heart tries to jump out of your chest as Josh and you are standing in front of a closed door.

Like a maniac you try to open it, but your attempts fail. "Why is every fucking door from this ski lodge locked?!", it's possibly the worst moment to ask something like that. Josh next to you seems so freaked out like you. "To keep out strangers", is his answer. There is just one way out of this situation, but you don't want to show your self-defense skills yet.

The person stops in his movements. "Hey!", you raise your eyebrows shocked. "Chris?! Really?!", his name is like a curse word in this moment. Chris shows his face grinning like a little boy. "Boom! Your faces were just priceless!" For a second you don't know if you should laugh or cry.

You choose to laugh even if it sounds a bit hysterical, while you run your fingers through your hair. "Nice! That was good", Josh compliments his friend smiling. "Alright, it was actually good. I was totally freaked out, but I swear if you ever do this again. I'm going to kill you", Chris raises a hand for a high-five. You push him playfully. "You don't deserve a high-five from me." Josh opens the door like a gentleman and you enter the living room with a sigh. "Are you already done, (Y/N)? There is a spirit board waiting for us", Chris grins as you roll your eyes. Yes, more creepy stuff! ...

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