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A boy around 17 ran down the hall before stopping at two large wooden doors he pushed them open and walked inside. All of a sudden five people 2 boys 3 girls each surrounded him and pointed a weapon at him, the girl in front of him started “You shouldn’t be here, you have your world, and we have ours, now state your business.” The boy looked at her “I need your help.” The girl smiled she looked amused “oh really and what do you need help with”  “I want you to erase my memories I don’t want to know anything besides me and my parents please I can’t live with it anymore.” Seeing the weird and doubtful looks he continued “please I’ll do anything just help me please.” The girl stepped forward “why do you want this?” she asked, “I have been through so many things I want to forget you can look at them if you want.” Her eyes glowed blue for a second before dimming “I will do it on one condition.” The boy nodded “anything.” She smiled “you work for me as an assassin.” A light appeared in his eyes “yes, yes I will be your assassin.”

3 years later


A lone figure sat on the beach a piece of paper in her hands tear running from her stormy grey eyes  her blond hair was up in a ponytail her mind raced as she thought of what happened only a few years ago. The conch horn blew which meant it was dinnertime she wiped the tears from her eyes, stood, and started walking to the mess hall she did not want to cry she would not cry her pride would not allow it. Even if it was in front of her friends.

Another Percy betrayed fan fic I know it does not say much but you get the idea right? If you want more review!!

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