Chapter Nineteen: Happiness

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Kagura's POV

The next day dawned upon us. I yawned and rubbed my eyes and I slowly sat up.
The atmosphere was cold. I shivered. I glanced at Rogue.
His face seemed calm, like there were no stresses left. His mouth was slightly open, and his hair was brushed over his eyes.
Frosch was in between us, acting as our divider.
I smiled and pushed Rogue's hair behind his ear.
Maybe I could stand living like th-
No... I can't think like that. I can't. I can't love someone ever... I can't love someone and eventually have them ripped away from me.
I can't go through that pain again.
I can't go through my happiness be take from me, twice.
But what if this will make me-
It won't!
I rubbed my temples.

I think I'm still asleep.

I stood up, still unstable. I walked over to the sink and splashed water in my face.

Wake up, stupid.

I growled at my previous thoughts.

I hate you brain.
But was it really my brain?

I looked at myself in the mirror.
I gently put a hand on my heart, still staring at myself through the mirror.

My heart was pounding.

So fast. I listened closely. Loud too.

What am I feeling?

Am I really-

"NO!" I screamed.

I heard sloppy footsteps run through the room.
"Kagura?!" He yelled.
I blushed slightly. "Sorry just a fly..."
My terrible lies.
I had enough.
Absolutely enough.

I breathed, I grabbed a towel and immediately walked to the hot springs, not looking back.

I know that the last time I was here didn't go well.

And just like the last time I was here, Yukino was in the bath.
I joined her.

"Pleased to see you again." I smiled.
"Same goes to you." Her smile beamed.
No wonder why Sting has a thing for her. I half smirked and half grinned.

"What's that look for?" She asked curiously.
"Nothing of importance." I sighed, relaxing into the baths.
"I'll trust you on that..." Her voice was unsure.
I smiled again.

It was only long before my skin began to wrinkle.
I sighed and slowly slid out.
"I'll see you soon." I smiled and she nodded.
I wrapped the towel around myself.

I walked through the halls. Towel on only.
I flushed slightly.

Curse these damned towels for not being longer!

These towels fit other women fine.

I huffed, internally cursing at myself.
I got into the room. Rogue was sitting on the bed, already changed.
He wore a black turtle neck sweater, red khakis and polished black shoes.
And for a change, Frosch was in a red frog costume.

I blushed and wrapped the towel around me tighter.

I pulled out an outfit for myself.
I changed in the washroom.
A white sleeveless dress that ombred into green, and on the sides of the waists, there were cut outs in the shape of a triangle.
I slipped on some white heels and I slipped my hands through several pure white bracelets that replicated bangles.
I braided my hair, and added my signature white bow on.

"Let's go, shall we?" he gestured
I nodded shyly.

We headed downstairs, back to the recreational space.
A large Christmas tree sat in the middle of it. Buffet tables lined against the wall. A area was specifically reserved for opening presents, while the other was seating.
Many wore white, black, green, an red. The over all vibe of everything was spectacular.
I looked over to him, smiling.
This was one of my first ever official Christmas parties.
Sometimes on Christmas, me and a few women from the guild would get eachother gifts, and probably throw a little get together amongst ourselves.
I for one, dislike crowds. I found it too conjested and cramped. No one has anywhere to move.
But today seemed quite different. Very. I don't know why. Maybe just because it's Christmas? But another thing is.... Why am I so comfortable here? Usually, I'd be long gone by now. This wasn't my scene whatsoever.
He smiled back at me.
My heart just then skipped a beat.

"It's Christmas guys! And you know what that means!" And of course, as to be expected, a blonde mage approached us, holding something behind his back. Beside him was the celestial mage herself, Yukino. I smirked to myself slightly.
Just then Sting held out a stick, and hovered the end over us.
"W-What?" I was dumbfounded.
"Sting, what's on here?" Rogue sounded terribly unamused.
We glanced at eachother, then back at Sting, who had a more than devilish grin on his face.

"Mistletoe." He said, in such a way where it sounded playful, but somewhat cruel.

My eyes widened, cheeks flushed a deep red. I glanced at Rogue, his cheeks the same crimson as his eyes, eyes open comically and jaw dropped.

"M-Mistletoe?" He stuttered.
It was now Yukino's turn to talk. "Yes. And the rule of mistletoe is that you kiss the person who is nearest to you once you go under it." She now had a devious grin plastered on her face now

"What?" I said in horror, but before I could object any further, strong arms pulled me in, and before long, I was caught up in a kiss.

Adrenaline coursed through me, blood pumping faster and harder through my veins. Heart racing. Shallow breathing.
My mind pounded, being flooded in thoughts.
A warm, fuzzy feeling then completely took over my body, making me relax.
What am I feeling? I was completely confused.

I pulled away. As if my cheeks couldn't get any redder.
I was quite dazed though, from what had just happened. All tenseness in my body had dissapeared, later to be replaced by happiness.

"I-I... I'm sorry. There was no other choice." He looked down embarassed, cheeks even redder than his crimson eyes.
"It's fine. Surely. No damage was done." I was just as awkward.

Maybe... Just maybe, I could find some sort of happiness with this man... Rogue Cheney.

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