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"When something is broken, you should fix it - not throw it away."

Nine months later.

After an amount of time that was far too long filled with crying, anger and pain, things were finally getting back to normal at STAR labs- as normal as it could get, that is.

The team of four had turned to three after that night, a life announced deceased alongside the particle accelerator. The ability to walk was stripped from the boss and every emotion other than sadness taken away from the doctor. A forensic scientist with his life on the line laid in the labs, his next living moments unknown. Only two had remained somewhat intact after the accident although one felt guilty to no end.

There were so many things that Lydia could have done to save her friends but she hadn't done any. Instead, she had realised that her screams wanted to be released earlier and hadn't gone to the labs. The girl could have helped out with the incident and prevented Ronnie from dying, she could have realised Barry's fate earlier and gotten him away from the building.

Lydia, however, had done neither.

She hadn't gotten to the station quick enough to prevent a nine month coma, she hadn't been there to assist Ronnie when he needed it. The strawberry blonde hadn't managed to succeed in any task that she had, both of which included live's being at risk.

Lydia had barely managed to save anyone and that, alongside every other death she had failed to prevent, she would feel eternally guilty for.

Every scientist had left STAR labs after the particle accelerator problem, apart from the three loyal prodigies who had made it. Harrison Wells' company had fallen to an all time low and what was once an empire had become nothing but a mess. All that the man had achieved had crumbled beneath him within a night, the ability to use his legs included. Doctor Wells was nothing but someone who had gained his dreams and lost it all too fast, in the blink of an eye.

The man had lost his first game of chest that night.

Caitlin continued to grieve over her fiancé but absorbed herself within scientific study to numb the pain. Cisco proceeded with making his gadgets in order to keep out of the conundrums that had been created and Lydia simply felt responsible for all that had happened.

The trio had their issues but somehow rose above all of them and remained as strong as they could be.

"What are you doing?" Lydia asked curiously as she eyed Cisco whilst he toyed with the radio. To answer her question, Lady GaGa paraded from the speakers and the boy gave her a thrilled grin.

"Turn that off." Caitlin ordered stubbornly causing both scientists to roll their eyes.

"Lighten up Caitlin," they both chimed in overly happy voices whilst Cisco added on the end, "He likes this song."

After a few months of flat lining and remaining in the hospital, Barry Allen had been moved to STAR labs. It had taken a lot of convincing but the team had managed to persuade Iris and her father that it was in Barry's best interest and they soon agreed to it. Having Lydia there had certainly reassured them, being a friend of Barry and Iris' and finding the boy had definitely put her in their good books.

Joe West was extremely grateful for Lydia's existence throughout those nine months after spontaneously knowing that the scientist was injured in the building. If she hadn't, no one would have found Barry as soon as they had and the outcome could have been even worse. Instead of in critical condition, he could have been gone completely. Joe was beyond thankful for Lydia Martin being there that night; she had helped more than she even realised.

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