Chapter 18

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A/N Thank you all for showing so much support, you're giving me inspiration! Also, thanks to 14hockey14 for suggesting a character that is on the picture- Jacob! Thank you! Also, I changed how Jack, Medea and Snow look like! Check it out :)


I woke up to feeling like a dragon was jumping on me. I grunted as I opened my eyes to see that it was still evening. I pushed myself into a sitting position and tried to look for the others. Beside me were pieces of the wall. Being a Datonx saved my life. Right beside me, I heard more grunting and saw Jack, Snow and Tanya there. They seemed okay, except for Snow, who was passed out and bleeding from the head. Tanya was already checking it out.

'It's not deep, he'll live' she said. She seemed alright, the wall must have only nudged her. Jack was as bad as I was, still not speaking.

Suddenly, something bright erupted into my vision. I was confused at first, but then I saw that it was Jack's hands that were glowing. I forgot that he had Holy. He put his hands on my head, and I felt better instantly. He then moved on to Snow, who grunted when Jack was done. Then he did it Tanya, who refused it at first, but gave in eventually.

'What about you? And what was that and why did it fall on us?' I said, seeing that Jack didn't heal himself.

'It healed me while I as healing you guys.' He said. Snow grunted again and opened his eyes. He opened his mouth and was about to speak when I saw a fireball flying towards us. I knew that Tanya had a water Element, but it was weak and she didn't even know how to use it.

I was about to shapeshift into something big to protect everybody when I felt wind and the fire was blown away, disappearing. I forgot about Snow. He had Wind. I stood up and took my sword out.

'Who is there?' I asked as Jack nocked an arrow beside him, drawing his bow. I heard laughing as a boy my age stepped out of the smoke. He was tall, had black hair, gray shirt, black jacket and golden eyes. Fire was sparkling from his fingers.

'Hello there! I'm Jacob. I'm from the Tornado part... You Fate people are always so weak...' he said, shaking his head while a smirk was forming on his face. So, a Tornado guy. I didn't have much interaction with other parts, but now that I was used to the school, I started seeing other parts around.

'Did you do that? Did you try to kill us with that wall?' Tanya asked. Snow had his sword out and would have attacked Jacob already if it weren't for Jack, who was holding him.

'Kill you?' he chuckled. 'No, I just wanted to say hello. And maybe scare you a little bit. But, since you have no proof that I did it, you can't report me. As far at the Headmaster knows, I was on the roof with a teacher. The teacher thinks that too. Now, if you'll excuse me, I will leave now' He said as he shifted into a pigeon. I didn't expect him to be a shape-shifter.

As he was flying away, an arrow hit one of his feathers and it fell off as he cursed in pigeon language. Or at least that's what I like to think he did.

Snow cursed and sheathed his sword again. Tanya sighed.

'Let's just go inside, we can deal with him later... I mean, you're the War Commander, they will be believe you if he keeps causing trouble' I said. I was tired, my dark form needed rest. Jack was about to argue, but he must have noticed my exhaustion for he just nodded. Snow nodded as well, now seeming calm again. And Tanya seemed pretty unconcerned about the fact that someone tried to kill her moments ago.

We went inside and straight to bed. I fell asleep easily, with no nightmares or waking up before the alarm.


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