Sarah Jane - Part 7

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Sarah Jane                      

by sloanranger

Part  7

Like lightning a thought crossed Sarah Jane's mind but just as quickly was squelched by the little girl.

That would be disloyal, she thought. But a suspicious joy began welling up in her chest...the way he was looking at her.  How come she never noticed his hair was the color of hers before - and his eyes?  She took it all in within seconds and suddenly she could not breathe.

 Alarmed, Mr. Hanover asked,

"Are you all right, Sarah Jane?" 

"Yes...yes sir, " she stuttered, and then in a wild gush:

"They could help you in the drugstore and walk home to supper with you and everything. I don't mean the prescriptions and all, but a young person could handle the fountain if sh...if they, were taught."

"Who could?"

"Your family, Mr. Hanover." 

They both turned then, to watch as the 5:30 pulled up across the street. The two Blanchard sisters  were returning from Bowling Green. They had spent a month with their Aunt Roberta, who had a bad summer cold turn into pneumonia.

The occupants of the old green booth watched as the sisters stepped off the bus and started walking down Main Street.

(To be continued).

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