Chapter 36 - The Agreement

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"Please Uncle Rory, give me something before I pass out here," I plead.

Rory chuckles as he fills the cupboards with clean glasses.

"Alcohol is not the solution," he says, shaking his head and moving to the kettle.

"Those are the weirdest words coming from a bartender," I say, making him laugh hard.

Rory puts a cup of hot water in front of me and opens the tea box.

"Make your pick," he says.

"Tea? You know that I don't drink tea,"

"You do now. It will calm your nerves,"

"Any news?" says Uncle Samuel, coming from the kitchen.

"Nothing. I only hear a murmur from time to time, but they are still up there. Thanks for making the fancy bites though. They looked very nice," I say while putting a tea bag in my cup.

"You are welcome. Well, we needed to impress them a bit, right?" Sam says, patting my back softly.

At this moment, Deirdre is in a meeting together with Dad, Aunt Erin, her parents with the representatives from Lita's management and record label. Sam made these elegant appetizers and they are being treated to good wine and drinks. They are seated at the big corner table in the gallery upstairs and from time to time we hear a bit of noise, but nothing else.

This day is very important and also terrifying at the same time. It could be the start of a professional musical career for Deirdre. If she picks to go on tour, then I'm afraid about the future of our relationship.

I have kept myself positive and I'm encouraging her to do what she wants and makes her happy. She is so talented and her music deserves to be heard.

"Where is Gianna? I thought that she was going to be here as well," Rory says.

"She was, but now as the new high school director, she had a rough week. We told her to stay home and rest. Justin is spending the day at a friend's house,"

"I still can't believe that the other guy got sacked and that she accepted the position," Sam says.

"The old director didn't follow the protocol for complaints. He handed everything to the committee without finding out more information. He caused damages to Oliver's reputation and the committee also found some weird stuff with the use of school funds. Mom's colleagues basically begged her to take the position," I say.

"What happened that she had a rough week?" Rory asks.

"There is this guy that is a trouble maker. He got sent to my mom and he was expecting the usual he got from the previous director; harsh words and suspension. Mom had a deep talk with him using her counseling skills. It turns out that he has no parents and is physically and verbally abused by his grandfather. With Dad's and my background, that hit home. She has been mobilizing lots of resources to move the boy to a safe place and deal with the situation,"

"That is indeed very rough. I hope things get better for him," Sam says. "I'm so glad that I have all of you and Li Mun's family. If something happens to us, I'm relieved at the thought that you all will take care of my boys,"

"I feel the same way," Rory says.

"Any news?" Uncle Adam says, coming into the club in a rush.

"Nothing yet,"

"I wanted to be here earlier, but errands took longer than I expected. I then went home to check on Claire. She looks so big and uncomfortable. I think she will give birth soon. She looks just like Erin did in the days before having her kids," he says with a mix of happiness and anxiety.

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