Hi .. I'm Emily Wright I'm Six Years Old My Twin Sister Emma And I Live With One Direction Now I Know What Your Probably Thinking How Did We End Up With 1D?

Well .. It All Started One Summer Day When Emma & I Were Playing With Our Bestfriend Jasin And The Three Of Us Got Up When Kayice The Owner Of This Orphanage Came Up Stairs And Got Us And Says We Had Visitor's .. Me & Emma Got Up Walked Down The Stairs Not Knowing Jasin Was Following.

Some Of The Older Girls Were Glaring At Us, We Went Into The Office To See Five Young Men Staring At Us. I Walked In Some More While Emma Stayed Back Being Scared Of The Five Men Standing In Front Of Us.. An Irish Voice Says" Hello Love" I Look Up To See Niall Hmm.. He Looks Familiar, Smiling At Emma And Me I Smiled Back ... Mrs. Perez Finally Said To Us " Go And Get Your Things" I Looked At Her Confused She Noticed And Said We Are Getting Adopted I Gave Her A Fake Smile While Emma Just Ran Upstairs I Called After Her And Zayn Said "Stay Here" .. First I Wasn't Sure But Then Walked Over To The Four Men And Tried To Smile They Saw And Smiled Back I Sat Down Waiting For Emma And Zayn To Come Back Downstairs When They Did Emma Was In His Arms Crying... I Didn't Know What To Do! So She Ran Over To Me And Says "Emily I'm Scared" I Looked Down At Her And Say "It's Alright Emma There Not Going To Hurt Us" She Nodded.