15. You Did This To Me

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"You shouldn't be here Orlando!" I pulled my sleeve down. Justin's eyes examined Lando with much curiosity. 

"We need to talk." 

"Yea, I've heard that before." I rolled my eyes.

"I don't want any trouble, but I'm not leaving here until you talk to me." He refused. 

"I'm right here." Justin lowly comforted. I stood to my feet and walked out of the room. Lando followed me.

I crossed my arms and stood in a defensive stance. 

"I'm sorry about last night. Things got really out of hand. None of that should have happened." 

"Are you done, because I need to rehearse and you're wasting my time."

"I just want your forgiveness. I want things to go back to normal!" He begged. I shook my head. 

"No. we're done." 

"Baby please! I love you." 

"Why are lying to me?! You don't verbally and physical abuse someone you love Orlando!" I threw my hands in the air. "Are you stupid?! Do really think I still want to be with you?! I've given so many chances. From the cheating and the lies, but this is beyond fucked up. You physically hurt me last night! You gave me bruises. You did this to me!" I lifted up my sleeve and revealed my injuries. "I have to wear makeup to cover the bruise you left on my face! You're a monster! I want nothing to do with you! I'm done!" I headed back to the room. 

"Marissa?" Lando reached his hand out for me. 

"Get your hands away from her!" Justin interrupted. Lando's lips tightened. 

"Go back to the studio puppet and let me talk to my girlfriend in peace!" Lando tried to shoo Justin away.

"I'm not your girlfriend anymore." I turned my head away. 

"Come on Marissa." Justin placed his hand on the small of my back and guided me to the room. 

"So you two are fucking..." Lando spoke loud and clear.

I whipped my head in his direction and walked to him. I swung my hand to his face for the second time within the last 24 hours. 

"I'm not a cheater like you! I'm not a grown man that hits women! You can talk down to me all you want, but I'm nowhere as deceitful and disgusting as you!" I pointed my finger in his face. He grabbed it. "Get off of me!" I shouted. Someone broke up our attachment. I heard a loud smack and Lando flew to the ground. 

"GET UP!" Justin ordered. Lando touched his nose and it was gushing a red substance.

Lando got up and threw a punch at Justin. He dodged the first swing, but got hit by the second one. 

"STOP!" I exclaimed. Justin threw his fist into Lando's stomach and he doubled over in pain.

Justin brought his knee violently up to Lando's stomach. He fell to the hard, cold floor. Someone grabbed Justin, not without him getting in one final hit. He kicked Lando in the stomach and he started coughing up blood.

"Don't you ever touch her again! You hear me!?" Justin shouted, while getting pushed into a room down the hall. I was shocked by the horrific scene. I backed up slowly as I watched Lando rise to his feet. He held a towel over his mouth.

Security escorted him off the property. I ran down the hallway in search of Justin.

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