Chapter 22

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Tammy awoke to darkness. Not having any medication to ease the pain from the contractions was brutal. Her captor hadn't shown up since the night before.

"Your baby will belong to me. You know that, right?" her captor had asked. "Your baby will be the miracle to my family."

Tammy began sobbing once she was left alone. She was grateful that she hadn't had a contraction in front of her abductor.

Jax overheard Dani's conversation with Meredith and texted Roberto to see if he had any news on the disappearing Genevive.

When they had been alone together earlier that day, Bo had mentioned Shelly coming to him in a panic the night before. He was surprised since he had only said a few words to the pregnant Genevive in the months he and his wife had been visiting Majestic Waters.

Jax knew Genevive wasn't pregnant because of the fake baby bump Dani had told him about. So when Bo mentioned the note she supposedly left behind claiming to meet with her unborn child's baby, he became suspicious. According to Dani, Genevive had been seen with Dr. Silverman just moments before his wife Meredith walked by. Was Meredith a jealous wife? Or did she really trust her husband?

Roberto's message flashed across Jax's screen.
Nothing yet.

Jax watched as Dani left Meredith and entered the cabin where Dr. Silverman was waiting for her. He quickly made his way to the window and listened in.

"How was it?" Dr. Silverman asked Dani who pulled the terry robe closer around her.


Dr. Silverman laughed at her sarcastic remark, "You and Mr. Michaels progressed quickly through stage one. It's quite surprising."

When Dani didn't reply, he continued, "I've been looking through your medical records. You passed with flying colors when it comes to being able to conceive."

"Really? That's great," Dani forced herself to say. The office they were in was tidy. Book shelves lined the walls. Fertility statues were placed throughout the room. His desk had a pot of tea and what pregnancy pamphlets. She sat on the leather love seat.

"Your fiance wasn't as fortunate. You two didn't consult another physician prior to coming to Majestic Waters, did you?"

Dani knew the test results Jax had submitted for himself weren't his. She pretended to be upset, "No. We knew something was wrong when I wasn't getting pregnant."

Dr. Silverman's hand came forward to console her but Dan moved out of reach.

"I'm not sure if even the blessed waters will help," Dr. Silverman said.

Dani noted the doctor's eager expression. She imagined he was chomping at the bit to offer his services. To be contrary, she shrugged her shoulders, "Oh well. We tried."


Dani cleared her throat, "I mean...what should I do now. If the lake doesn't work? Jax really wants a baby. What if he doesn't want to marry me because of this?"

"There's always adoption," Dr. Silverman suggested.

"We wouldn't have come here if adoption was an option. Our friend Callie Sommerby recommended this place."

"Callie Sommerby? She recommended Majestic Waters to you?" Dr. Silverman's eyebrows narrowed.

"Right after she became pregnant, she did. I haven't talked to her since then," Dani added, hoping that he believed her.

Dr. Silverman nodded, "Yes, she and her husband also passed stage two rather quickly."

"I'm not sure what I'll do about Jax. We really wanted a baby."

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