Adoption day

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*beep beep beep beep* I wake up and reach over to then my alarm off. Ugh, adoption day. I should be happy, its my chance at a new life, but it never goes my way. I have to watch people get adopted by families I want. Thats why I don't have friends, they always leave. I have a chance, but every year it slips away, so I don't like adoption day anymore. I also hate this day because we are shown off like we're animals in a zoo.

I push my duvet of me and somewhow manage to get out of bed. I head downstairs and eat breakfast, I eat it early so I can avoid everyone else. I would watch TV put theres no point really, it only distracts me. I wish there was music though, but seeing as we don't have any WiFi no one can buy it, plus I don't have a phone; I can't afford one. I put my bowl in the sink and head upstairs again. I walk into the bathroom to brush my teeth and notice something strange... I pick up the box and see blue hair dye. I toss the box in my hands thinking whether I should or not.. I'll shower and think about it. I'm very tempted so when I get out of the shower I follow the directions and dye my hair. It was only meant to be a bit but it escalated to my whole head. Oh well, I love it, its a navy blue and goes well with my eyes. I head back toy bathroom and get dressed into skinny jeans and a T-shirt, simple, but its fine. Now for the make-up, yes I wear make up, but only to hide the bruises and cuts madame gives me. I have to breathe 'too loud' and she flips off. Anyway, when I finish I look out of my window to see people already turning up. I sigh and go downstairs. 3 hours pass of disapproving looks. It comes to about 11.00 when I feel a sharp tug on my hair. Oh no...

I'm thrown into the dark room (not for photos, its just dark) and I hear the door lock behind me. "Get up" I hear Madame's sinister voice say. I oblige, I now better than to not obey. She grabs me and slams me against the wall. "Do you not want to get adopted? DO YOU THINK I LIKE YOU?" I flinch and try to get out of her grip. I'm thrown onto the floor and I use all of my might to crawl away. I feel her hands wrap around my ankles and she pulls me back. I scream and scream but unless someone stands right outside the door no one will hear me. I make my hands bleed by trying to get away but I'm still unsuccessful. She turns me over so I'm facing the ceiling and she jumps on me, her knees in my stomach. She throws punches at me and slaps me across the face until she makes me bleed. When I think she's done, she grabs my head and starts smashing it against the table. The pain is overwhelming but I can't scream out. I only hear her harsh words screaming at me. She throws me onto the floor one last time and I see her hand raised. Suddenly, the door is slammed open and a man rushes in and pushes madame to the floor. I get up and he grabs my hand and leads me out of the room. "Thank you" I tell him, breathing heavily. I look up at him and see he has the most gorgeous eyes and a beard thats not quite a beard. "Are you okay?" He asks me. Im not but I say i am, I don't want to worry him. Not that anyone worries about me. "We best get you to the hospital" he tells me. My eyes widen, I can NOT go to the hospital. Madame told me if I do, she will kill me. She doesn't lie. "Your safe" he tells me, I want to trust him, but I can't.. I've learned that. I push him away and step back. I feel so guilty for hurting him, but he doesn't understand. "I want to help you" he says slowly. "I don't need your help!!!!" I cry out and push past him. "Wait" he calls out. I stop and turn around. "I think if you're okay with it, I would like to adopt you..."

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