Chapter 14

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To say that day was fun would be a definite lie. I had honestly never felt so bored and riled up ever before. Eleanor stayed for the rest of the day, and Troy and mum even told Louis she could stay the night if she wanted to, which she did, of course. That left me locked up in my room the whole evening with my earbuds in to block out possible noises that could occur, even if mum had told us it was inappropriate to do such things when the rest of the family was home.

What made me angry about it all was that mum and Troy seemed to like Eleanor. I know, what a stupid thing to be angry about, right? Well, there was something inside me that just didn't want my mum and Troy to like her, and actually, that was something I kept thinking of that night.

I asked myself the same questions over and over again; Why didn't I like Eleanor when she was being nothing but nice to me? Why did I feel this burning feeling in my stomach whenever I caught sight of her and Louis together? And why did I no longer feel the same hatred for Louis as I had done a few weeks ago?

I also thought about how I had started noticing things about Louis that I had never done before. The way his ocean blue eyes would shine whenever he was happy, the way these adorable crinkles would appear by his eyes whenever he laughed, and the way his pink, thin lips would turn into a beautiful, wide smile whenever he found something funny. To sum it up, I had started noticing things about him that a step brother shouldn't notice about their other step brother because, well, he was my step brother, and that would be incest...technically, I suppose.

So, when the realization hit me that I actually might have feelings for him, I could feel my heart drop to the pit of my stomach. I shouldn't be feeling this way, and definitely not about Louis. He was the one who had asked for my help with his homework two years ago and broken my heart by leaving me a few months later. Also, he was the one who had been picking on me ever since, and similarly made me feel like shit sometimes, even though I never showed it to anyone.

I could not have feelings for him, it was just impossible. But then again, why did my heart start beating faster when he told me he found me beautiful that night a few weeks ago? And why had I started getting jealous of the fact that Eleanor had Louis and I didn't? Because, after thinking about it, there actually was no other reason for my hatred towards her. I mean, how could you possibly dislike someone that had done nothing wrong otherwise?

Having all those thoughts mingling in my head made it impossible for me to sleep that night. I really tried to, but with my head spinning like crazy, it was just not happening. It didn't even work when I put in my earbuds to listen to some relaxing music, so I gave up. I was going to be dead tired the next day though, that was for sure.

And so I was. I didn't do much at all that Sunday. It started off bad too because Eleanor was there and that made me start thinking about the frightening realization I had come to the night before. I didn't even dare glance at Louis, too afraid of how I was going to react now that I knew I had some kinds of feelings for him. The only thing I did was stare down at my plate and try to be as quiet as possible in order to not gain anyone's attention.

It actually worked quite well, because when I exited the kitchen that morning, I hadn't looked at Louis once, nor had I opened my mouth too many times. So, I was feeling pretty happy with myself as I walked up the stairs to read a book I'd had for a long time but never gotten around to start reading. I figured now that I had nothing better to do, this was the perfect time to do so, though.

However, that was until I was about to close my bedroom door behind me. Louis and Eleanor were climbing the last few steps of the staircase in front of me, looking happy with Louis' arm rested around her petite waist. They had smiles on their faces, and they just seemed so in love that it made my heart clench in my chest, and I had to swallow down the lump I suddenly felt in my throat. The sight was painful to say the least, especially now that I knew what it was for.

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